Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheering on the Demise of the West in the Most Subtle of Ways

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As we have seen before on this blog, the New York Times is playing for the other team, and by "other team" we mean the 92% of the rest of the world that is not of European heritage.

When the Times does write about average European-Americans, they always, always choose to focus on individuals who are either disabled, gay, criminally insane, or dead. That last category is presumably how the sick marxists at Amerika's newspaper of record would like to see all normal, non-deviant Americans.

Today's Sunday edition of the NYT was chock-a-block full of the usual invectives against the hated majority and that most evil of creatures in the eyes of the Times: the white adult male.

Times-Approved √

But the pinko commies took the anti-Western propaganda to a new level of sneaky today in an article entitled "Missing Micrograms Set A Standard on Edge," penned by Times communist Sarah Kyall. Appearing on page A12 of the International section, Lyall's snide little puff piece tells the story of the French organization outside Paris that is responsible for the units of measurement upon which the metric system is based.

In a sane civilization, some mention would be made in such an article of the laudable nature of the origins of a system created by one rather generous particular group of people - a group moreover now a tiny minority of global population (<8%) - for the enjoyment of the entirety of the rest of humanity. But clearly the NYT does not represent the sane portion of humanity: they want to give it all away, including even claim to the accomplishments of their forbears,  because that's what morally superior elitists do in order to make the halo over their pointy heads shine more brightly.

Lyall's article ostensibly tells the story of how the original international prototype of the kilogram - "as pampered a hunk of platinum and iridium as ever existed" - created by the ingenious Frenchies in 1889, has inexplicably lost some 50 micrograms.

But what Sarah and the puppet masters at the Times are sickly and subliminally implying of course, is that the great accomplishments of the West are passé, and it is time to step aside to give our noble savage oppressed friends from the "developing world" their chance in the spotlight.

From the article:
"The most obvious argument for the prototype's eventual obsolescence is the tautological underpinning of its existence, which calls to mind the question: 'How long is a piece of string.'"
 Translation of this nonsensical Timesspeak: "Not only is Western civilization and all of its accomplishments hurtling towards extinction, really smart people like the communists at the Times are starting to figure out that Western supremacy is based upon something that is illegitimate anyway."

If you think I am being paranoid, and that the New York Times is not in the midst of some sinister campaign to undo the West, then I am afraid you are sorely mistaken and may wish to link over now to the Huffington Post, where you will be comforted with laughable liberal lies.

The New York Times: Comforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable since 1972.


Anonymous said...

Deft interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Marxism only works when there are identifiable victim groups (non whites) and a group that can be denounced as their oppressors (The white male)

after the white male is vilified into extinction, these loons expect there will be a blossoming of some sort of collective utopia, when this fairy tale fails to materialize (Cambodia, Mao's China, Stalin's USSR, North Korea etc) some other schmuck will get the blame and the whole process will begine again.