Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hurricane Katrina Ten Years On : A Fascinating Reveal Of The High Self-Concept, Low-Comprehension Mindset Of The City's Refugees

A quick glimpse around main stream news sources about how it really went down in New Orleans ten years ago today, will reveal countless hours of footage of blame-shifting hyperbola, where looters are victims and where trillions in aid is never enough.

In other words the Official Narrative today amongst the Those Who Can (not) See crowd when it comes to Katrina :

- Blacks failed because George Bush  ;

- Blacks died and suffered because racism.

Take for example racial grievance professional Spike Lee, who in his appallingly one-sided racist hit piece "When The Levees Broke" makes it pretty damn clear that whitey be bad :


We are hopeful that Katrina happened at a time of peak PC in this  Modern World, and that were it to happen again today, the nation's mainstream press would portray african American misbehaviour for what it really is, and Not for what they wish so bad they could portray it as (excusable, solely the result of white privilege & oppression).


This 10th anniversary of one of the most shocking disasters in American history comes at a strange and interesting time :

There is little doubt that the tens of thousands of then-clueless white Americans, would think twice before once again volunteering to shelter in their own homes entire families of public housing-project ghetto blacks (who can at least be credited with reality bitch-slapping a few handfuls of gullible whites).

One Katrina-Refugee-Family-Rescued-By-Do-Gooder-Whites -Destroy-The-Place-Bites-Hand-That-Feeds-Them


Gaze for yourself through the archival pics of this decade-old Katrina aftermath : in image after image, you will see the same scene repeating itself over and over again : blacks being rescued by whites.

Listen to the NPR archives, and you will hear - not see - the Official Narrative :

"They treated us like animals"

"They wanted to kill us"

"They was playing wit us"

"They ain't give us no food"

"They ain't give us no water"

"Who gone take care my baby?"

"Why they did that?"


I really don't like anything Made In China, but I'll take exception here, with their famous phrase :

"May you live in interesting times".

Because this is going to get interesting, in the next few quarters.

Check back periodically on COTT to see why.

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