Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Day In The Life Of African "Asylum Seekers" In The Jungle At Calais, France :

Thurs 20 Aug. MMXV
Take a good look at the young african illegal immigrants to France in the video below.

Make special note of their eyes.

For they are the future of Europe.

Europe has made them Europe's future.

Why ?

Because every single last one of them - the vast majority of them were born well into Bill Clinton's presidency - every single last one of them owes their very existence to the insane, suicidal policies of the West implemented in only the past few years.

Make no mistake : if something drastic is not done and very soon, if there is not some kind of generalized awakening/pushback among euros, Europe will cease to exist as a continent of European nations in our lifetimes.

White Western food aid and medicine enabled the sub-saharan mothers of these sons of Africa to gestate and form them so plentifully in the first place. Without white Western food aid and medicine, Africa would not have the highest birth rate on the planet (Niger wins with 6.75 live births per woman, according to the CIA World Factbook).

It's "Hitler's Revenge" and  Kipling's "White Man's Burden" rolled into one devastating, horrific, Malthusian nightmare.


Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, the hate-filled vermin at the New York Times - Amerika's "newspaper of record" if you can stop cringing long enough to process that - have been ramping up their vitriol of late, and going to preposterous lengths to stand behind the criminal Michael Browns of this sad and disintegrating world :

"Prison Guard 'Beat Up Squad' Is Blamed In New York Inmate's Death"

From the article :
"Around 8:30 that night, Mr. Harrell — whose nickname was JRock — told two officers that his wife and sister were coming to pick him up and take him home, according to one inmate’s affidavit.
"His earliest release date from prison was September 2020.
"The officers called for medical and mental health assistance but could not reach anyone, the inmate reported. Soon after, the inmate said that two more officers arrived. “I believe JRock panicked after seeing all those officers surrounding him,” the inmate wrote. “JRock jumped up and ran.”
"Mr. Camara said he was in the day room, watching a playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, when he heard a commotion in the hallway. “Me and other inmates, we hear the walls shaking, doom, doom, doom, doom,” he recalled. “Somebody opened up the door and looked outside, and said, ‘Yo, that’s JRock they got out there.’ ”
"He was on the floor, face down and handcuffed, several inmates said. In short order, a large group of officers converged around him. The inmates in their affidavits and letters identified nine officers by name as being involved.
“I saw the officers kicking him, jumping on his head multiple times and screaming, ‘Stop resisting,’ even though I didn’t see him moving,” wrote Mr. Pearson, who has since been released after serving two years on a weapons charge.
"None of the affidavits or letters mentioned Mr. Harrell’s fighting back or speaking during the encounter. Several said that once he was on the floor, handcuffed, he stopped moving, and a few of the inmates speculated he may have already been dead by then."
NYT Prison Dindu Sam Harrell:
"He ain't even dindu nuffin, y'hoid muh?"
That is correct: the hateful, verminous, racist scum at the New York Times want their stupid SWPL readership to question "authority," and believe not the largely white corrections establishment, but rather the convicted criminals housed in - granted, the world's most populous, but also most PC - prison system. 

Is their no limit to the perfidy displayed by the cunning, duplicitous, and disingenuous scum that write for this country's newspaper of record? 


People everywhere are slowly starting to wake up to the choke-hold upon them in the Western World by the forces of evil that run sickeningly hypocritical and anti-white rags like the NYT and all of Hollywood for that matter. 

There is going to come a time and pray Allah may it not be too far off, when the nakedly and unabashedly evil Liars at the New York Times, are called to account for their crimes against innocent, innocent, gullible people. 


The New York Times: Pinky & Co. Have Had A Good Run, But People En Masse Are Finally Starting To Wake Up To The Sickening Racist Zionist Supremacist Agenda That Drives This Repulsively Anti-Partial Newspaper Empire, Since 1898...


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