Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, August 29, 2015

10th Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina : The Looting Reel ...

29 Aug. MMXV
... aka "Blacks Behaving Badly". (BBB)

Naturally however the sanctimonious competitive compassion cowards at the New York Times - they of non-stop professional black uplift fame - reflect instead on how the evil white privilege establishment "failed" the scores of gibsmedat government-sustained blacks who chose not to evacuate the city even after it was made starkly clear that staying in New Orleans could be deadly.

For the rampaging reality reversers of Amerika's newspaper of record, individual responsibility simply does not exist, and can not  be expected of the dindus the Times so shamelessly pander to : if something bad -- anything bad -- either happens to or is caused by an African American, then evil white privilege is to blame. No matter what.

Thus the whole Katrina narrative, shamelessly warped by the scum at the NYT into a blame-shift paradigm that fully obscures and confuses reality, in order to conceal what really happened in August 2005, namely : BBB.

In an article entitled "10 Years After Katrina" that was published on the front page of the New York Times three days ago, Times communist (columnist oops) and SWPL, SJW Campbell Robertson, has his tongue thrust so far up the rectums of the New Orleans African Americans who went tribal haywire ten years ago to the day, that this is the only conclusion he can draw from the Event That Put Modern American Black Dysfunction on the Times' Front Page :

Who "wouldn't want to live in a place" filled with the kinds of people featured in (and who caused) some of the most gruesome Katrina scenes of utter social breakdown ?


Me, maybe ?

And how about : every sane person on earth ? Including other blacks ?


That's right you just read that  : Amerika's newspaper of record dumping absolutely all pretense of journalistic objectivity, in furtherance of the Black Victimhood Narrative.

How is this even possible?

Answer: the controlled media's chokehold on the minds of sports- and entertainment-addled ordinary Americans is starting to ease.

An awakening is in progress, thank you Mister Internet.


The New York Times : "How Is It Even Possible For A Newspaper This Big To Be So Hopelessly Deceitful ?",  Since 1898.

Campbell Robertson 

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