Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, May 29, 2015

COTT Is Back

Friday 29 May MMXV
Sorry COTT readers we have been away for a while.

That is not to say that the subterranean scum at the New York Times have amped down in any way their unabashed contempt for all things Western, and Decent, and Good.

On the contrary, in the past few weeks, the vermin at Amerika's newspaper of rekord have turned up the dial on the Hate-O-Meter even further, after having completed a nearly one-year non-stop campaign to vilify police departments around the nation, in their non-stop and criminally irresponsible campaign to stir up anti-white hatred wherever it can be sniffed out.

In a hilariously dishonest propaganda puff piece printed on page A16 of today's national print edition and entitled "Complaints Rise Against Nation's Railroad Police," New York Times communist and professional aggrieved negro "reporter" Ron Nixon makes the case for sniffing out racism even further afield, now that he and all of the racist scum at the NYT have established that police departments nation-wide are racist and evil, and constantly target innocent dindus even though the blacks are never, ever, EVER to blame for their criminal ways.

From the article :
"Residents of the African-American neighborhood say that for years they have walked across the tracks to go to work, to bus stops or to a supermarket. The arrests, confirmed independently by court records and interviews, were first reported by The Miami New Times and The Miami Herald in 2014.
“People have being doing this for years,” said Edduard Prince, a longtime resident of the neighborhood who was arrested in 2013 while crossing the tracks to get to his job. Mr. Prince said the officers pulled up, drew their guns, ordered him to show his hands and arrested him. “This is clearly racial profiling,” Mr. Prince said.
This is clearly racial profiling, says some  stupid, filthy, criminal hoodlum, and the New York Times prints his words like gospel.

Here's what these a-holes want: tens of millions of aggrieved, low-wattage American negroes rising up in indignation against the Anglo power structure (as opposed to the Israelite lobby that defines the NYT editorial line), so that the insidious hand behind the black velvet curtain that the scum at the New York Times represents, is able to achieve free reign over a cowed and hated populace.

Think I'm kidding ?

Just take a good look at the picture that accompanies  the "Complaints Rise" article cited above :

That's right: the big dude on the right is Eddouard Prince, the one who says it's "clearly racial profiling" (when the cops stop him on rail road property).

Note the white t-shirt thug in the background, clearly in the process of illegally crossing company tracks. There's even a sign in the pic, you can see that it says "Stay Out" or "No Tresspassing" or the like.

But the filthy, verminous, punching-up scoundrels at the New York Times want blacks like this to know that Private Property is a White Thing, and any attempts by Private Property owners to keep dangerous, scummy trespassers off their property is akin to Evil White Racism.

The New York Times is actually saying here, by allowing this low-wattage reporter Ron Nixon (good one! ) to Punch Down at private railroad company police who attempt to keep rampaging criminal negroes off their property, that it is okay for blacks to trespass and trash on private property, and that any attempts to keep blacks in check is racist and evil.

The New York Times wants more trespassers like the white-t-shirt black in the rear of the photo to continue to trample upon private property with impunity. The hateful, mentally unbalanced scum at Amerika's newspaper of record are doing everything in their power to make blacks hate whites even more than they already do.

And for this we say: Not "thank you," (this is not Tosh point O), but rather : *uck you, New York Times. You have been exposed for the pathological altruistic, competitive compassion, anti-white and anti-normal scum that you really are. Payback is right around the corner.


Anonymous said...

The New York Times are anti-white joo scum.

That's all (as Michael Savage would say - which sadly, this jew weiner never touches on his own joo-ness, or the fact that his own jew son Russell Weiner is the FORTY-SECOND WEALTHIEST PERSON in the United States, according to Forbes. (He of Rock Star fame).

Funny how all of the supposedly "anti-establishment" conservative radio talk shows are joo, and they never mention their hebrew heritage.

Anonymous said...

Stores, buildings, merchandise, and vehicles not to mention human beings are private property and private also, but that has never bothered the negro in their vile and malicious acts carried out in full view and egged on and applauded by the joo noos.