Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baltimore : The New York Times Just Doesn't Get The Joke

Sunday May 3rd MMXV
As tens of millions of white Americans are waking up to the reality of black criminality not just in Baltimore but everywhere on earth, the lying vermin at the New York Times seem tone-deaf to the epiphany that is occurring: namely, that more and more people are starting to understand that it is black criminality that causes police overreach, and not the other way around.

The New York Times has been publishing anti-police, black apologia articles every single day - many of them right there on the front page, the most expensive publishing real estate on planet earth - ever since the Michael "Gentle Giant" Brown fiasco of last summer.

One would think that with all the brain power they employ, the powers to be at Amerika's newspaper of record would realize by now how stupid and phony they look by constantly, constantly excusing Bad Black Behavior, and blame-shifting it upon the people for whom the NYT reserves a unique hatred, i.e. YT.

When are they going to get the joke?

Answer: never. (At least they'll never admit, that they had never heard of negro fatigue). 

As if we needed more, today the Times published yet again not one but several "articles" on the unrest in Baltimore. Every single friggin' time, the verminous reality shape shifters at the Times layer on the White Guilt with a thick horsehair brush, always shifting blame away from the blacks who are to blame, and placing same blame squarely on the shoulders of the poor white people working to keep the ICBMs (Inner City Black Males) from killing, raping and robbing everything and everyone around them. Low impulse control, lower-still intelligence and seething hatred for whites and the celebration of "knockout game" assaults becomes "dubious choices;" blacks released from nine-year stints in prison become "inspirational stories of overcoming hardship;" murderous, filthy, animal-like  gang members who get together to devise a plan to attack white cops becomes "gang leaders uniting to seek solutions," and so on...

I can't take this anymore, somebody let me out of here.

It is simply amazing how predictable the New York Times has become in the past couple of years / months. This never-ending re-hashing of tired tropes gets wickedly old very quickly, and it is even more frustrating when you realize that the Times are doubling down on their fantasy-land worldview even as more and more readers are becoming aware of the hard truth.

In a sickeningly predictable and journalistically irresponsible - of not criminally irresponsible  ! -  front page puff piece monstrosity published in today's national edition and entitled "Hard But Hopeful Home To A 'Lot Of Freddies'," the cowardly little vermin at the Times have this to say about Baltimore, quoting Freddie Gray public housing project look-a-likes :
“People want to work and live in a house that’s not going to fall down around them and is not infested with rats,” he said. “They want a normal life — they want what everybody else wants, and they don’t seem to be able to get any closer to that.”
His comments underscore the contradictions of this troubled but close-knit neighborhood with a village feel that has somehow survived harrowing rates of unemployment, poor health, violent crime and incarceration.
It is also a place where a wide array of people, including the law-abiding and the community leaders, accuse the police of harassment, disrespect and even brutality, which they describe as a daily problem for men. That shared frustration and anger have mobilized the community now to protest the death of Mr. Gray, 25. On Friday, six police officers were charged with a range of crimes, including murder and manslaughter, in the arrest and fatal injury of Mr. Gray.
That's right, the competitive compassion athletes at the New York Times want you to know, once again, that black people in the USA are never repeat NEVER responsible for their own bad black behaviour. If blacks fail, if blacks riot, if blacks kill other blacks, it can't possibly be their own fault. It has to be either lead paint in the walls of the public housing where they're warehoused, or oppressive police regimes that seek to keep them down.

Nobutseriously, how is it even possible that the idiots at the New York Times cannot see what everyone else with a pair of eyes is able to see?

Answer: the people who write for the NYT are better than you, they are not swayed by humor or common sense, they are on a divine mission in a godless world to uplift the poor blacks,  jeez why can't you see that?

If you think I am making this up, consider this incredible piece also published in today Sunday's national edition, by Times communist Gina Bellafonte, entitled "Baby Boom Among New York's Affluent".

From that article :
"For decades there were factions on the right worried about poor minorities “overbreeding” and taxing the city’s resources. Historically, there has been far less panic about the affluent having a lot of children, and yet they change the feel of the city, driving family-size S.U.V.s and generating a more suburban sensibility. The main complaints have come from well-off people themselves*, as they worry about overcrowding in affluent school districts and rising numbers of children attending private school, making admission even more impossible."
[*emphasis mine ]
"Two years ago the city’s Human Resources Administration issued a series of subway ads meant to drive down teenage pregnancy rates in poor communities. The ads showed babies lecturing prospective mothers that, for instance, their boyfriends would eventually leave them. Liberal critics considered them shaming, but Robert Doar, the former human resources commissioner, told me that in focus groups, the teenagers at whom the ads were aimed responded positively to them."
Perhaps those ads could be recast and targeted at TriBeCa mothers with small children, warning them of the tough realities: “You may think you want a fourth child. But what if your husband never buys you that four-bedroom apartment and never says yes to the weekend nanny?”
You read that correctly: this Times columnist, Gina Bellafonte, has such a sneering, seething hatred for whites, that she wants them to stop "overbreeding," so that oppressed minorities in New York City can return to the halycon days of high minority breeder rates. Not only that, but this sickening hypocrite creature Bellafonte is willing to cast off all aspersions of feminist solidarity, as long as the women she is belittling are white.

What's that Gina, it's okay to laugh at a white women who wants a fourth kid, and accuse her of being a mindless gold-digger, dependent on her apartment-buying, weekend nanny-employing white husband?

Imagine for a split second this disgusting Bellafonte creature ridiculing an African female immigrant from Niger, a country of extraordinary contributions to humanity with the highest birthrate on Earth, at a little over 8 chirren per wimmenz.

Do you see that happening? (Gina denigrating a high-fertility black African woman) ?

Answer: of course you don't, because it never would (happen).

Whites disappearing everywhere is not a problem for this New York Times communist, even though a child with a slow Dell computer could figure out in a few minutes that minority status for whites is approaching faster than the official (and hoped-for, in the cubicles of the NYT) date of 2042. White children were outnumbered by non-whites in the USA as far back as 2013, but the hateful little Clintonites at Amerika's newspaper of record think that this rate of dispossession is not happening fast enough.

One day and let's hope soon, the nation-wreckers at Amerika's Official Newspaper are going to feel the wicked whip of backlash crack viciously across their preening, self-righteous snouts.

It's going to be ugly, but it's going to be… Beautiful.

Gina Bellafonte and her ilk will be remembered for the hatred they once sowed. 

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Joshua Sinistar said...

Its just too bad that these apes hate and kill the hebe jebes too. Without White cops to protect them those yamulke boys better stay in mommy's basement!