Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Barack Obama On Letterman : America's 1st Affirmative Action President, Too Unintelligent And Too Pandered To By Pansies Like David Letterman To Even Understand That There Is A Whole Population Of Dark Enlightenment-Aware Individuals Who See Right Through The Snivel Spewed From His Prognathic, Primitive Snout

Watch through this interview, and behold the "Commander In Chief" getting his rectum licked by the semi-senile David Letterman.

Thanks Allah both these assholes will be off the stage soon.

In the near future History is going to snap back like an out-of-control, speeding, stolen minivan, on the monstrosity of equalist lies that defined the eight horrific years of America's first affirmative-action halfrican "president." Future thinkers will be even less kind with the sickening, outrageous  spectacle that is the Michelle Obama, she of "they said I wasn't smart enough at Princeton" fame, First Tranny, f-U YT 1st "lady", Michelle the Prognathic Missing Link First Lady Of The United States.


Ok all that was a little mean. Sorry !

But: listen to this foul, ungrateful AA-hire, who appears too unintelligent to understand the causality or lighter significance of his inflated station in life,  goaded on as he is by the long-senile and ball-less anti-white Letterman, and judge for yourself on the level of absolute hatred that this man Obama has for white European-American males. He makes it pretty clear in this transparent and pedestrian  "presidential interview" :

Note to Letterman, Obama, and all the scummers out their :

History is going to judge you weasels harshly. 


Anonymous said...

Two old dudes. One got a thrill up his leg for the other.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Its amazing what these media hacks will do for their pets isn't it? Letterman was making millions bashing Bush, and he frittered it all away to back the crude dude from Africa. Once you go black, you go broke. Sorry Dave, you can't do that!