Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sickening Hypocrisy From The Creeps At The New York Times Oozes Like A Bad Wet Smell

Sat. 11 April MMXV
The sick, hateful fools at Amerika's newspaper of record have such a pathological obsession with uplifting and portraying African Americans in a positive light no matter what, that very often the sickening odor of their shameful hypocrisy oozes through.

Today on their front page - the most expensive real estate in publishing on earth - the verminous reality contortionists of 42nd street give us the story of Adolfo Davis, a black murderer serving life without parole for a crime committed at age 14, who is currently being considered for early release thanks to the machinations of a horde of white pathological altruism athletes including a Catholic priest.

"A Murderer at 14, Then A Lifer, Now A Man Pondering A Future"

Now, we all know that the scum at the NYT bash the Catholic church every chance they get. That's why I nearly choked on my coffee while cringing at this especially disingenuous passage of the article :

"After emerging from the supermax, Mr. Davis signed up for a correspondence course and earned a high school diploma. He became a teacher’s aide in basic education classes, and started mentoring troubled young men, some in prison and some outside, by telephone, working through the Rev. David Kelly of the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, who counsels offenders, victims and families on the South Side.
In a letter to the court, Father Kelly said that of hundreds of youths he has worked with, “Adolfo Davis stands out” for his seeming transformation and desire to help at-risk youths.
If Mr. Davis is released, Father Kelly said, his group will give him a full-time job as a counselor."
That's right, these foul, hateful parasites of the guilty white liberal mind reverently refer to the white priest with the affectionate "Father" before his name not once but twice. Normally father Kelly would be smeared in the repulsive pages of the Times, but here he gets a pass because he's taken time off from molesting young boys to campaign for the release of a dangerous beast back into society.

Oh wait, the beast in question is actually a gifted poet, according to the nation-wreckers at the Times.

From the article (hilarity alert) :

"As part of his therapy in the supermax, Mr. Davis started to write poetry, much of it, initially, outpourings of rage toward his absent parents. “How could you bring me into this world when you knew you wasn’t ready?” one of his first poems asked.
By 2003, his writings, which circulated in prison magazines, focused more on the daily horrors of prison and offered warnings to others: “Young blood, you think it’s cool,” he wrote, but you’ll end up “dead or in the pen.”
In 2005, he even started to forgive his mother, though she never visited him in prison, writing, “I never felt your pain, because I was dealing with my own pain.”
Before the hearing on Monday, Mr. Davis’s lawyers — Patricia Soung of the Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and Rachel Steinback, a lawyer with the civil rights law firm Loevy & Loevy in Chicago — prepared a sentencing memo calling for his release because of his remorse, his growth and his mentoring of others while in prison."
Adolfo David, Poet

 The New York Times : Can It Get Any Worse?

Answer: Yes, And It Will, Since Brunch Last Week

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