Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, April 24, 2015

Four Swedish Cops On Vacation In New York City Detain Two Violent African Americans In The Subway

Friday 24 April MMXV
So of course you'll never see anything like this* in the hateful, ideology-ridden, lying pages of the New York Times - where the only and I mean only time you will ever see a story about a white male, is when that WM can be presented to appear, in order :
- racist
- misogynistic
- paedophilic
- paedophilic while Catholic priest (extra points)
- gay
- gay + "married" : (extra points)
- gay + "married w/ children" : (extra extra points)
- old and frail and likely to be dead very soon
- you get the picture.

If you think I am making this stuff up, I urge you to keep an eye on the front page of Amerika's newspaper of record (it's posted almost daily here) ; make a note every day of what individual or type of individual is featured in the biggest picture above the fold (ATF).

If you do this, this is the pattern that you are going to see :

White males on average when featured in ATF NYT photos, are invariably either sick, elderly, criminal, or in some way part of a story used to further the NYT's anti-white agenda.

"Comforting the afflicted" and "afflicting the comfortable," to the power of Ten Billion. 

A quick examination of today's NYT front page illustrates this assertion quite clearly : namely, we have President Obama above the fold, and Eric "My People" Holder's soon-to-be successor - Lorretta Lynch - on the bottom.

And that's just one day's worth.

The New York Times is becoming increasingly racist in its furtherance of this bias.

But for the purposes of this post, we digress* somewhat.


Below, from French news site Tf1, we have video of four Swedish cops on vacation in New York City intervening to prevent two American blacks from killing each other and possibly other passengers on the NYC subway.

Where the film below gets seriously hilarious and is most revealing, though, is the point in the vid where the violent perp with his face pinned to the floor, starts screaming "I cant breathe."

Get Off Me You Swede !

He caint-t breed?

The sickening anti-police, anti-order, anti-civilization bias (dare we say hatred?) that has wafted through the pages of the New York Times since well before the Ferguson Gentle Giant Hoax of last summer, has poisoned the low-wattage minds of tens of millions of both SJWs and violent thugs like these ones into thinking that ALL authority is bad no matter what, and that ALL violent transgression is somehow justified because it is part of an imaginary "struggle" against Da Main.

Make no mistake: the New York Times and their ilk are largely responsible for nourishing the anti-authority environment where sickening criminality such as this is allowed to run rampant.

You'd think that Swedes would be smart enough to understand the machinations of the Dark Hand Behind The Velvet Curtain that makes this inside-out rot of Western nations possible, but nah :

Sweden is actually the one European country that allows more asylum seekers per capita than any other country in Europe.

Last year, about .6m extra-euro asylum seekers sought refuge in Europe. Of those, about one third wound up enriching 86-million-strong Germany, from villages dotting the bucolic farmland of Bavaria to the teeming mega-cities of Berlin and Frankfurt. Those 200,000+ non-euro enrichers pumped into Germany last year means that Germany accepted about 7 asylum leeches per 100,000 of her population.

But Sweden - a northern European nation of fewer than 10 million souls (1/10 the size of Deustchland) - admitted a far greater per-capita number of asylum leeches: Syrians, Iraquis, assorted middle easterners, but especially sub saharan africants "fleeing war and poverty,' as the criminal lying vermin at the New York Times like to say.

Here's an NYT article on the subject that is going to make you want to weep :

"Germany's Small Towns Feel The Cost Of Europe's Migrant Crisis"

From the article :

VORRA, Germany — Even as European officials struggle with an unrelenting tide of migrants trying to enter the Continent, tranquil villages like this one in a picture-book valley in northern Bavaria are coping with the legions who have already arrived.
It is here, as much as on the choppy seas of the Mediterranean, that Europe’s latest migration crisis is playing out.
With the federal authorities expecting a flood of newcomers — an estimated 300,000 will apply for asylum in Germany this year, after 200,000 in 2014 — places like Vorra, population 1,000, are struggling to make room for those who are already here seeking legal status and integration. Housing has been designated, services have been mandated, and volunteers have offered clothing and services like rides and free language lessons.
But along with hospitality, Germans are also showing hostility. In Vorra in December, and in the Saxon town of Tröglitz over the Easter weekend, arsonists set fire to renovated shelters just weeks before migrants were to move in. No suspects have been detained in either case."
That's right, the criminal Population-Replacement Reality Reversers at the New York Times are creaming themselves with almost erotic pleasure at the thought of Germany's homogeneous population being diversified by the non-European hordes they champion everywhere on the planet, from Ferguson to Tripoli.

And as so far as Sweden is concerned, the subjects of this post are pilloried by the vermin at the Times for not doing enough to disappear as a people faster :

The New York Times: Shedding Their Reptilian Skin One Scale At A Time, Since 1898...

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