Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Wanton, Criminal Blame-Shifting By The Vermin at The New York Times Reaches New Heights of Indignant Minority-Uplift Dishonesty

Sun. 25 January 2015
"Food Is A Death Sentence To These Kids"

"Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America"

'Meant To Keep Malaria Out, Mosquito Nets Are Used To Haul Fish In"

From their front page, to their Book Review, to their Magazine, the vermin at Amerika's newspaper of Record have their forked tongues thrust so far up the rectums of the Africans they so lovingly claim to uplift not just here in the States, but worldwide, that one would think that the super-smart journalists of 42nd Street would start to get wise to just how hilarious and demented - and devoid of all irony, cynicism, and even the tiniest touch of humor - the whole situation truly is.

In the first piece, the one smack in the middle of today's NYT Magazine (whose front page story btw, "Fox News Wants You [Yeah, YOU]" is about how the evil Fox News syndicate is trying to push for the same types of "intelligent" viewers as those who read the New York Times {Can Megan Kelly make Fox News appeal to people who... well, read The New York Times?, by Jim Rutenberg})... the first piece is about a morbidly obese retarded 13 year-old black girl in the care of its single-mother, Rhoda, who the vermin at the Times helpfully point out is a recently-fired "Home Health Aid" currently on Medicaid, as in, um.. welfare.  (The Reality Contortionists at the Times also remind us in their article that Rhoda, before being fired from her job as home health aid, was studying chemical biology and has an MBA from her time at College).

(Why is it that all these ghetto mammies seem to  be ex-Home Health Aides?). 

However we digress : the poor, blobulous, slope-headed "child" in the picture above (the one on the left), is indeed by accident of birth and unfortunate genetic mutations of nature over tens of thousands of years in the making, a victim of just plumb plain bad luck and shittiness, secondmost, and firstmost, to the sheer inbred stupidity of her fast-reproducing peers, first and foremost (that's you,  momma Rhoda).

And yet the misguided, reality-reversing, not-so-secretly anti-white professional blame-shifters at Amerika's newspaper of record, make it sound like this retarded kid's misfortunes are 100% innocent and accidental from a behavioural point of view, first and foremost, and that secondly and most importantly, society has a duty to spend literally 2000% more on this child, than it would on a normal ghetto child, given its clinical obesity and retarded nature.

That's right: 2000% might even be an underestimate. In the article  "Food Is A Death Sentence To These Kids" - read it yourselves! - it is clearly stated that a mere sixty-five day program to care for this 300-pound turd costs the American taxpayer upwards of 1500 per day, and this includes the cost of transporting its mammy (pictured above) by airliner, as well as housing and feeding it - feeding both of them! - and yet the criminal, hateful, verminous little weasels at the New York Times make absolutely NO mention of this.

Which brings us to the second feature in the Times' negrophile whine-fest, published on the very front page of today Sunday's book review:  "Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America."

Here we have New York Times communist Jennifer Gonnerman (Gonnerman, !) whining in unison with Ghettoside "author" Jill Leovy.

From Leovy's laughably inaccurate screed :

"Like so many murder victims, Bryant is young (just 18 years old) and nonwhite. But as it happens, he is also the son of Wallace Tennelle, a highly respected African-American detective with the Los Angeles police. Tennelle is the first detective to arrive at the crime scene, only to find his son splayed on the grass, his brain matter everywhere.
Reading this scene and the ones that follow — when Tennelle has to reveal to his wife what just happened, when all the family members converge at the hospital — I actually felt physically sick. I can’t ever remember having that reaction to a book before, but in this case it may not be all that surprising. One-third of the way into Leovy’s book, it’s apparent that the true scope of our nation’s homicide problem — the extraordinary pain and trauma and despair that follow the murder of a loved one — is indeed sickening.
Leovy reported “Ghettoside” before the issue of police brutality exploded last year in the national news, and her focus is not on the misconduct of police officers."
The "issue of police brutality that exploded last year in the national news."

Does she mean Michael Brown assaulting a cop and then charging head-first at him?

Does she mean Eric Garner - another obese idiot - fighting with cops to prevent what would have been his sixtieth arrest?

Jesus Christ ! This shit is so old, and so stupid, that one would think that all the top-notch, high-priced writing talent employed in the gilded corridors of the New York Times would be able 
to have a little fun with the stupidity of it all.

I mean after all, it really makes good material for even the most mildly-intelligent, halfway-informed reader.

So why can't the New York Times be a little more honest - and a little less group-think, a little less politically conformist, in their reporting, eh?


Oh my Good Heavens, if you don't think that question is begged by the first two NYT articles sited today, consider the third :

 'Meant To Keep Malaria Out, Mosquito Nets Are Used To Haul Fish In"

White Man's Burden: Bill and Melinda's half-billion mosquito nets are being used by the locals to trap fish and soccer balls

Here we have a front-page Sunday Times doozy that is like a direct, and I mean direct, in-your-face indictment of all the do-gooder bullshit that informs the White man's childlike treatment  of his pet negroes in Africa today. I mean, the New York Times even mentions "White Man's Burden" in this article, although they most curiously ascribe the phrase not to Kipling, but to William Easterly.
"In many places, fish are dried for hours in direct sunlight on treated mosquito nets. Direct sunlight can break down the insecticide coating. Anthony Hay, an associate professor of environmental toxicology at Cornell University, said fish could absorb some of the toxins, leaving people to ingest them when they eat the fish.
“It’s just another one of these ‘white man’s burdens,’ ” Mr. Hay said, referring to William Easterly’s well-known book critical of foreign aid by the West. “We think we have a solution to everybody’s problems, and here’s an example of where we’re creating a new problem.”
The lowly, verminous, lying, hateful, anti-white scum at the New York Times once again try to pull a fast one on straight thinking people, this time by doing the unthinkable:

Even a child with access to Google would know that "White Man's Burden" is most closely associated with the politically-incorrect yet realistic turn-of-the-century works of the great Rudyard Kipling, and not some obscure leftist NYU professor born in 1957!

This is some of the best evidence we have ever documented of the intellectual groupthink cowards  at the New York Times being caught at their own game !


Everybody knows what the vermin at the New York Times wants: the decline of the Many in furtherance of the Dominance of the Few.  Except of course for a few members of the Tribe whose benefit it is not in to see their numbers fall. We are talking of course about Jewish Power. The End Game. The All Game. The Everything Game that the filthy reality contortionists at Amerika's newspaper of record work tirelessly to bring to the Fore, day in and day out.

The New York Times: A Sickening, Subversive Publication With Hatred For The Many, And Allegiance For the Few, Since 1898.



Anonymous said...

You are totally right about "White Man's Burden" :

Everybody knows that this is universally scribed to Rudyard Kipling, and not some group-think commie NYU professor.

I had never even heard of this asshole Easterling until this post of yours.

Keep skewering these assholes - they deserve it.

Their day on the post will come.

Anonymous said...

Artur, I wish you would stop being so wishy washy about the jews and the new york times. :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you indicated that the retard was the one of the left because just looking at the picture I would have never been able to figure which one was the retard.