Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris: Netanyahou, Merckel and Hollande Arm-in-Arm in Biggest Street Demonstrations in French History, But This is What French Arabs Really Think

The loud-mouthed angry young "imam" in the video is telling his cattle-eyed startled-looking flock that insulting the prophet is the worst possible offense (and therefore that the attack on Charlie was justified); that muslims didn't really do it ("show me their pictures!"), and that all French muslims want from their hosts is to convert to Islam.

What we have here is an obviously intellectually challenged (iq under 87?) aspiring-rapper-turned
 -preacher foaming at the mouth with hatred, envy and jealousy. He and his dull-witted followers have been egged on to despise their hosts by precisely the types of sanctimonious leftist elites that were targeted in Wednesday's attack. 

The killer irony of course is that if Adbul and Ahmed had managed to gun down the entire leadership of the National Front (the French anti-immigration party whose victory has been all but guaranteed by the attacks), the pathological altruists at Charlie Hebdo would have celebrated the event as a victory for their cause.

Charlie H, btw, is a vulgar cartoon magazine roughly equivalent to the US's Mad Magazine. The only difference between the two is that CH has a few extra grains of pretentious intellectualism sprinkled contemptuously upon it, in furtherance of the great French tradition of overthinking and over- politicising everything


Anonymous said...

Yes. The Middle East, Northern Africa, and other places around there were once all Christian. Now they are all Muslim. I guess "turn the other cheek" didn't work so well, at least not for the Christians. You might want to add France to that pot.

M.G. said...

Artur, bonjour! Et quelle bande de faux-culs qui défilent devant les caméras ces derniers jours, c'est à gerber!

Could you have imagined seeing such a thing in your lifetime? Things are coming to a head faster than I'd believed. In my last little piece I translated some of the truth-telling coming from these little beurs et beurettes in the public schools of the 9-3, as their Nice White Leftist Lady teachers pass out from shock.

One part of me is revolted, and one part of me is just like a popcorn-munching viewer at the latest greatest biggest baddest 3-D surround sound hollywood spectacle of hypocrisy, lying, self-congratulation, self-delusion, and denial. I'm seeing it happen before my eyes and I don't even believe it.

Anyway all the best to you as you watch the NYT cover this in the most mealy-mouthed way possible.

Bon courage!

M.G. Miles
Those Who Can See