Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Imagine If Adolf Hitler Had This Guy Doing Sign Language During His Speeches

Thur. 29 Jan MMXV
The guy doing the signing for half-black Bill is actually pretty impressive. Interestingly, he is deaf.  His name is Jonathon Lamberton, he is 38 and married to a non-deaf woman.

The vermin at the New York Times did an important article on Lamberton on the front page of their
New York section in today's national print edition :

"Sign Language Interpreter For Mayor di Blasio Is An Internet Hit"

It is interesting to note that in the press conference in the vid above, (and indeed in all of his work for NYC), Lamberton is not watching de Blasio (the clinically insane Mayor of New York with Daddy Issues);  he is watching his wife seated in the front row of the press corps, who is signing an initial interpretation of what half-black Bill is spewing (in the case of the video above, an almost one-hour press conference about a snowstorm that never even really happened. It must suck to be so irrelevant). Just imagine the level of communication between that husband and wife team. It is actually quite touching.

I find watching this guy do his work very real and very inspiring (even if what he is translating is borderline nonsense in a Big Picture kind of way). This man is a professional, just imagine the level you would have to be at in ASL (American Sign Language) to produce a transcript of what he is "saying".

That said (signed), why does the mayor have to have a member of the handicapped community taking up one third of the tv screen when they could simply scroll captions?

Answer: because Adolf Hitler never had a sign-language interpreter during any of his speeches.

(Warning: the You Tube community has identified this video as being potentially offensive to certain groups. Viewer excretion is advised)


Anonymous said...

Obviously, Herr Hitler did not need a sign language interpreter.

Anonymous said...

I would have conjectured that the vogueing voodoo bonobo, who officiated at mandela's flushing might have been in with a shout of a reprise,given the nature of the ongoing comical freakshow in question.

How could it hurt?

Tommy Atkins

Anonymous said...

I wasn't being at all facetious about the boon/bonobo vector. just cleaving to empirical, irrefutable fact.




Tommy Atkins