Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rwandan Orphan Who Spent His Childhood Living And Scrounging For Food In A Landfill And Who Was Rescued By White Female American Competitive Compassion Athlete Is Now A Full-Scholarship Harvard Freshman: Another Shining Example of Amerika's Newspaper of Record Observing The World Through The Wrong End Of The Telescope

The racist reality-reversing vermin at the New York Times have their forked tongues thrust so far up
the proverbial anus of the African that sometimes - very often in fact -  their negrophilia reaches comic heights.

Such was the case recently in a deliciously revealing puff piece published on 22 October of the front page of the NYT's national print edition entitled: "From a Rwandan Dump To The Halls Of Harvard."

From the article, by Times' communist Michael Wines :

"Mr. Uwayesu moved into an orphanage run by Esther’s Aid, then, with two sisters, into the compound where Ms. Effiong lives while in Kigali. Throughout his schooling, he worked at the charity, which since has opened a cooking school for girls and is building a campus for orphans.

"My life changed because of her,” he said.
"He would not have been able to compete for a spot in an American university without outside help, however. After high school, he applied for and won a seat in a yearlong scholars program, Bridge2Rwanda, run by a charity in Little Rock, Ark., that prepares talented students for the college-application process.
"For roughly the past decade, Harvard’s international admissions director has personally scoured Africa for potential applicants each year.
Like most top universities, Harvard chooses its freshmen without regard to their ability to pay tuition. But until this year, the Cambridge campus had only one Rwandan student, Juliette Musabeyezu, a sophomore.
"No more. Of the 25 or so African applicants who made this year’s cut, three are from Rwanda, including a second Bridge2Rwanda scholar.
Not bad for a little country that is home to barely 1 percent of Africa’s billion-plus population. A photograph of Rwanda’s Harvard contingent appears on Ms. Musabeyezu’s Facebook page.
The caption reads: “My people are finally here.”
The Times utterly and sadistically leaves out the bigger picture here, which is that while a tiny fraction of black africans can overcome their Stick-Age genetic proclivities to live among us in the West, apart from AIDS and Ebola, the vast majority of sub-Saharan blacks are utterly incapable of producing anything more productive than a begging bowl, with the exception of course of more l'il africans and more begging bowls.

On a macro level - that is to say, if the swine at the Times were viewing the world honestly, that is to say through the correct end of the telescope - Africa is doing exceedingly well, thank you very much. They rolled over the one billion mark on the Afrometer almost half a decade ago, and if current projections are even a little accurate and ebola doesn't do its evolutionary job, black Africans will outnumber the members of every single other racial group on the planet within our lifetimes.

It cannot be repeated often enough, that in 1950 the world was about 1/3rd European, demographically speaking, and about 7% black African. In 2050, those figures will be the same, only reversed.

With a massive helping hand from the treasonous, suicidal vermin at the New York Times and the competitive altruism athletes who are their cult-like followers, the White Man's Burden is doing quite well down there on the Dark Continent. Thriving, even, one could say ; their numbers have never been stronger, their young men healthier, their young women more fertile and better fed (merci USAID), and there have never been so many literally of them on the fence :

Destination : Europa. 

Mission : Le Grand Remplacement 

Chances of Success: High and Getting Better 

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