Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chinese Stealth Fighter: In Typical Make-Believe "All Things Being Equal" Style, the Vermin at the New York Times Give The Chinese Credit For "Developing" Their Very Own F-35

Tuesday 11 Nov. MMXIVThe 
The ravenous reality reversers at Amerika's newspaper of record have a love affair with all things non-Western.

When it comes to China, the competitive compassionate liars at the New York Times never condemn Chinese neo-colonialist exploitation of black Africans, their outright racist hatred of blacks in general, the fact that they execute about 13 people every single day, and in the case of all things modern, the fact that apart from chopsticks and firecrackers, everything even slightly advanced is produced in China - poorly - with technology stolen from the West.

The latest example of this cultural relativism fraud is a puff piece published on page B3 in the Business section of today's national print edition entitled:

"With A Stealth Fighter, China Tries To Gain Attention"

From the article :

"By exhibiting a stealth aircraft at the show, China wants to show just how far it's arms industry has come, experts say. The United States is the only country with operational stealth planes, and Lockheed Martin the only company to have successfully exported one, the F-35."
The Chinese copy, spy, steal, and secretly are super-jealous of the West, okay the White Man that's right I said it.

When the topic of Chinese "innovation" comes up, instead of publishing something like this :

...a more accurate image of Chinese expertise is better reflected in something like this :

What is remarkable about the bottom picture - a 15-story apartment building that toppled over in 2009 - is how prophetic it makes the words of the great Jesuit priest and 16th-century sinophile and early Christian missionary to the Far East, Father Matteo Ricci.

Consider this remarkably prescient comment made by Steven Farron, in an article from 2009 entitled "Why The West Dominated," where Farron himself is quoting from the works of Ricci :

“When they [the Chinese] set about building, they seem to gauge things by the span of a human life
Whereas, Europeans in accordance with the urge of their civilization
seem to strive for the eternal. This trait of theirs [the Chinese] makes
it impossible for them to give credence when we tell them that many of our buildings have withstood the elements for a hundred years and some even for one or two thousand years "
[T]hey do not dig into the ground to build up foundations, but merely
place large stones on the unbroken surface of the ground; or, if they do
dig foundations, these do not go deeper than a yard or two "
[M]ost of their buildings are constructed of wood, or if made in
masonry they are covered in by roofs supported by wooden columns.”
(pages 19-20*)
*Farron is quoting from a book published in 1953 entitled "China in the 16th Century: The Journals of Matteo Ricci, 1583 - 1610"

The New York Times personifies the West's lack of a spine when it comes to standing up to the Chinese, who flood the display shelves of our stores with crap inferior products (all based on original Western design) and who poison us and the rest of the world with their disgusting farm-raised seafood. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882  was signed by then-president Chester Arthur for a reason, but he could not possibly have seen back then that the treasonous policies of our current elites - as endorsed if not to say dictated by the editorial page of the verminous reality contortionists of 42nd Street - would to everything to encourage, rather than counter, Sino-Supremism.

The New York Times: Taking The Enemy's Side With Gusto, Since 1892.


Anonymous said...

There's a lot of talk about Chinese computer hackers digging out the plans but I'd bet anything that it was Chinese moles working in the U.S. who were the real key to obtaining this information. There's been a ton of this sort of treason in the past. That's the area the NYT and the rest of the PC crowd don't want to see explored.

Anonymous said...

They captured one of our electronic warfare planes (Orion P3) in 2001 early in Bushy Boy's first term, plus there was the SR71 shot down in Kosovo which I'm sure was studied by both the Chinese and Russians.