Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, November 17, 2014

Funniest Paradox You May Ever Heve Seen In The Glossy Pages of the NYT Magazine

The reality-reversing vermin of 42nd Street put out their Sunday edition Magazine today, Sunday 16 November MMXIV.

They entitled it "Failure".

It's an entire magazine devoted to inventions ranging from AC-DC current, to the Stirling Engine, to the Stanley Steamer automobile (which achieved a land speed record using a steam engine as early as 1906 (120mph or something crazy like that), to the great airships of the 1930s (without of course ever mentioning that the only reason the great Hindenburg crashed in New Jersey in 1937 - was because the FDR administration had outlawed export of vital  helium reserves to Hitler's booming Germany - but that is a story for another day).

Here's the hilarious part: a lot of COTT readers don't know that as recently as the turn of the century, a large percentage of the burgeoning automobile industry was dominated by steam-powered and electric-powered automobiles. In fact, if you go back and look at adverts from late 19th-century publications, the vats majority advertising personal self-propelled automobiles were electric cars, followed by "external  combustion" steam-powrered cars (such as the great Stanley Steamer, followed later by the Henry Ford Model T "internal combustion" vehicle (the first copies of which were all delivered with a copy of Ford's own "The International Jew" in the glovebox).

In fact, the "Stanley Steamer" was a steam-powered automobile that competed head-to-head with the  "internal combustion" Ford Model T up until the late 1920s.

Many COTT readers - including myself - do not know that electric vehicles were more commonplace from 1898 to around the end of the First World War, than internal - or even external -combustion automobiles.

I did know until recently, in fact, that a steam-powered aircraft flew - in France - many years before the Wright Brothers historic flight at Kitty Hawk - I'm talking here about the very first aeroplane, enshrined as it is to this day in the Paris Musée des Arts et Métiers (which also includes one of only four Foucault's Pendulums in the Paris capital - the others being located at the (currently-under-renovation Panthéon), the Musée des Arts et Scienes , and the cathedral at St. Placide - not far from Saint Sulpice, on the Left Bank). [Of course the most fascinating of the current Foucault's Pendulum, still in operation to this day, is at the amazing  Deutsche Museum in Munich]. 

So here's the hilarious paradox: the NYT devotes their today's, Sunday 16 November MMXIV Magazine, to "Innovations." Or rather: "Failures."

The two or three parts I always read in the NYT Sunday magazine is the "Lives" piece on the  reverse-side of the rear cover (it is usually written by a lesbian, or some other freak seeking legitimacy - today it was penned by Ukrainian immigrant / Jersey quota student, named Lev Golinkin).

The take-home message from today's Sunday Times magazine really comes though from "Talk" column, which features "Hunger Games" lesbian producer Nina Jacobson.

This little bit of the "interview" by Times' commie Taffy Brodesser-Akner is particularly telling:

"You have also acquired the rights to the hit novel “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” What do you think of the notion that movies with female protagonists are risky box-office bets?" NYT 
"Since I’m not allowed to swear, I’ll say I think that’s a lot of bullpucky. I don’t understand why people still behave as though making movies with female protagonists is risky, given that — hello — we do make up over 50 percent of the population, and we go to movies."
"So do you have any idea why this idea persists?" NYT
"Too many white men in positions of power?"(NJ)

What is hilarious is that virtually the entirety of the rest of today's Sunday NYT Magazine, reports on and documents innovations made far and wide by white males, 100% exclusively.

Whence then this hatred, the absolute detestation of the White European Male?

Answer: Sometime around 1892?

The New York Times : Waging War on the White Male Since 1892.

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Anonymous said...

It's the White man's fault. We should have never gave the female the right to vote.