Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Common Core Curriculum In NYC's "Failing" Public Schools, Patholigically Flawed Wishful Thinking When It Comes To Low Tests Scores (World-) Nation-Wide, And Amerika's Newspaper of Record's Complicity In Disguising Mass Immigration From Low-IQ Countries As An Education, Not An IMMIGRATION, Issue

Two days ago, the misleading-us vermin at the New York Times published yet another ideologically super-charged, fantastically misinformational  propaganda puff piece right there on their front page - the most expensive real estate in publishing worldwide - entitled  :

"Common Core, In 9 Year-Old Eyes"


"Common Core" is the story essentially of a hurricane-displaced  illiterate Haitian 72 IQ single-mammy (two points higher than the Haitian median) invader named Carline Alcindor, who benefited from the 2010 earthquake that shook every single two-story cinderblock structure in that bedeviled country to the ground, by being allowed along with her chirren entry into the United States, along with hundreds of thousands of others like her.

After the great quake of 2010, Carline brought the fruit of her prodigious loins to New York City, where one of the tens of thousands of refugee settlement agencies operating in the USA immediately found for her and her chirren, free lodging, free food, free food stamps, and of course free admittance to all-free Public School.

[Note: in the cited NYT article, not once is it mentioned that all the services these recently-arrived refugees are provided are 100% free (nor for that matter is any mention of the fact that tens of millions of other illegal alien "dreamers" are likewise furnished with billions of dollars of free services - from day-care to diaper change to free prams to free sneakers to free tonsillectomies and the list drones on. Free goodies that those back home in Guatemala, Honduras and Elsalvador hear about through the grapevine, and come searching for in the Promised Land of Gullible White People].

Soon after being set up in an apartment by Catholic Refugee Resettlement Services or the like, Mademoiselle Carline was assigned some kind of sinecure changing bedpans in a Queens nursing home, catering to future-time versions of her self-same (and no doubt to the dismay of her dribbling clientele), this of course the good journos at the New York Times make sure to point out, lest we surmise that anything about this high-fertility low-IQ woman's presence on US soil is anything but a "win-win" situation for the USA.


The lies about immigration commence with the very title that New York Times communist Javier Hernandez uses for his article. Indeed, "Common Core, In 9 Year-Old Eyes," suggests to the reader (remember this is front page stuff) that this article is about education policy in Amerika's inner cities, whereas in fact this article is all about immigration (non-policy).

And what an article it is.

From Mr. Hernandez's "Common Core"  :
Almost all of the fourth graders who arrived in Ms. Matthew’s classroom in September had failed state exams the previous spring. Only a few students could form persuasive arguments; most filled their notebooks with meandering personal memories. Many struggled with basic math skills. Ms. Matthew, concerned about morale, called each student to her desk at the beginning of the year. “Please don’t think you are a failure,” she told them, one by one.
Ms. Matthew, 32, an immigrant from Grenada who had taught for a decade, knew that her students carried unusual burdens. There was Stella, who had arrived in New York four years earlier without knowing much English, fleeing the horror of an earthquake in Haiti. There was Lamott, who dreamed of one day dribbling down the court of Madison Square Garden, but whose parents rarely took time to read to him at home.
And there, at the front of the classroom, was Chrispin, a reserved boy whose cheery glances obscured his own struggles. He was one of three Alcindors in the fourth grade, triplets born during a thunderstorm in Port-au-Prince on Dec. 27, 2004.

The vermin at the New York Times are complicit in a mass cover-up and indeed in a crime, by continuing to play into the Equalist Lie.

Let's face it: cranking out reams of programs and propaganda that keep screaming at really stupid children like Christopher that he is college material, that he could be a doctor or a lawyer or even an engineer, let's face it this is sick child abuse, there's no other word for it.

Just think how much more effective public education in America would be and would have been, if instead of Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court had ruled that at the beginning of every school year, in front of every so-called "failing" school, it would be required that a teacher address that year's failing class with a speech along these lines :
"You know children, even though every single one of you failed this school's standardized test this year, this failure is through no fault of your own, and you mustn't feel bad about it.

"Failing this test does not mean that you have done something wrong, or are in any way less equal to other students who passed the test. On the contrary, your failing scores prove that you were honest and true while taking the test, and can now be accurately assigned a place in Western society. And this does not necessarily mean on the production line of a Tyson food plant in the MidWest. The fact is that the U.S. government has millions upon millions of well-paying jobs reserved for low-scoring students like yourselves. 
"Throughout history there have been low-scorers like yourselves. But they have often risen to positions of greatness. 

 "So please go out and find a government job, be happy, and try not to have too many kids. Also: no rioting. Thank you."

In the same way that the vermin at the New York Times are utopian idealists and wishful thinkers - hoping beyond hope that Haitians, sub-Saharans and Australian Aboriginals will in the right public school environment perform exactly equal to the sons and daughters of Scandinavian chemical engineers - I dream of the day in Utopia too, when public school teachers in New York City will be allowed to tell their students the truth about Why Haiti Failed.

I dream of the day when public school teachers in New York City will be allowed to explain to these poor children why they can't grasp basic math or perform on the same level intellectually as their Asian counterparts. The day when Dr. Samuel Morton's "Crania Americana" becomes required reading for fifth graders, and discussion of Cargo Cults, the lies of Stephen Jay Gould and other Frankfurt School sabotage experts becomes mandatory by the Eighth.

In that perfect future world, instead of public school hallways lined with posters devoted to Black History Month and assorted MLK speches, in my perfect Public School world, there would instead be charts illustrating the work of people like Dr. Morton, Lothrop Stoddard,  Hesketh Pritchard, and Rudyard Kipling. 

One can dream, can't one?



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