Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cambodian Orphanage Scandal: Hilarious, Priceless Payback Time For DWL, SWPL-Types, Including The New York Times' Own Nicholas Kristoff

Sun. 15 June MMXIV
This shit is hilarious: for years and years now, White people in the west, without even understanding
that they are being literally erased/replaced from the face of the earth, have been emptying the bed pans of the world's Great Unwashed in a sickening display of pathological altruism, or what we at COTT like to call "competitive compassion."

Whether through "Smile Train" or "Save the Children" or the countless other DWL agencies set up by whites worldwide to assist non-whites - remember that Haiti alone has 10,000 charity NGOs - in a frenzied globalized mass status-whoring operation, starry-eyed European folk have been assisting other races in foreign lands since the first Christian missionaries set up shop in Darkest Africa five centuries ago.

And so it comes with bittersweet schadenfreude that news of a gigantic suck-the-teet-of-gullible-Whitey scheme emerges from Cambodia, where for years now, apparently, stupid, status-whoring, competitive compassionate white people have been pouring billions of dollars and lots of personal on-site effort to provide support to a make-believe "orphans' crisis," whose sole purpose was to suck sympathy and funds out of the West, and float the paper bank accounts of slanty-eyed Camnbodian business people who see right through the white guilt that fuels big-money pathological altruism.

The best part is that, reminiscent of their beloved AA hire Jason Blair, the verminous New York Times had to admit that their own Nicholas Kristoff had fallen for the bait, too. And in a Huge Way.

Here's the article :

"Cambodian Activist's Fall Exposes Broad Deception"

OMG priceless. How can you not love this stuff?

From the article :

For a time, Ms. Mam was considered the country’s most famous orphan. She wrote an autobiography that described her as an orphan trafficked into sexual slavery, and she was often described in heroic terms in the American news media, including in columns by Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times. Mr. Kristof wrote in a recent blog post that given the doubts the recent revelations raised for him, he wished he had never written about her.

LMAO on the floor !

The greedy gooks of Cambodia could not give two shits about the reed-thin chirren from the rice paddies who dinnit have enough rice to eat. All they cared about was suckering the Angelina Jolies of the (white, modern) world to : (A) Adopt-a-Cambodian orphan chirren in a high-profile way ; (B) Convince thousands of gullible, totally pre-programmed White people worldwide to supply millions upon hundreds of millions of dollars to programs designed to prop-up Turd World countries (and in the process, facilitate the Population Explosion of said countries, à la Ethiopia - which had about 33 million starving potential marathon runners back in 1985, when Bob Geldolf got involved, to almost 100 million today!! (Source: CIA World Factbook).  All of whom these Ethiopians, are just a concertina-wire fence away from mass starvation, and/or mass exodus to Sweden).

Regarding Cambodia / Ethiopia : A lot has changed in 30 years, and none of it or the better.

And by "changed" we mean of course that the Malthusian Nightmare of massive third world population explosion - facilitated directly by white western food aid and technology transfer - has continued apace.


It is a sad state of affairs. Hundreds of millions of sub-Saharan Africans dream only of making it to Europe through Italy, and by "Europe" we mean: they all want to go to Sweden, Britain, and France. Practically in that order. The gubmint benefits, as have heard these people whose own ancestors never managed to invent the wheel, are better in northern Europe than in Italy.

Here's a spiffy NYT article, from today's national Sunday print edition, that talks about the unprecedented number of Africans squatting in Rome right now :

"Palace Of Squatters Is A Symbol Of Refugee Crisis"


But we digress :

For Sunday evening fun, let us re-print one of these deluded Tricky Nick articles, where he writes with doe-eyed DWL wonder of the great Cambodian fake-orphan white-guilt extortionist, Somaly Mam :

"Fighting Back, One Brothel Raid At A Time"

From the article :
"AGAINST my better judgment, I found myself the other day charging into a well-armed brothel in a police raid. But I was comforted to be with one of my heroes, Somaly Mam.
Somaly dedicates her life to battling forced prostitution, for she herself was sold as a child to a Cambodian brothel. After enduring torture and rapes, Somaly escaped and reinvented herself as an anti-trafficking activist."
Oh crap this shit is rich !

If ever there was any doubt of the utter bullshit hypocrisy of Nicky Kristoff's NYT "I'm (we're) better than you cuz I (we) care more than you do about non-whites in the turd world" narrative, you simply cannot beat this beautiful gut-punch Reality Burrito.


One last thing: Ammurricans do not hold the monopoly on SWPL paternalistic competitive compassion instincts when it comes to lording protectively over their non-white pets.

It seems that in the case of the Cambodian fake-orphans-to-extort-money-from-white-people scandal, Australia's own prime minister at the time - a few years ago - sent his own daughter to do the very same competitive compassion dance in the land of the cargo cults.

From the article :

Yet after the genocide ended and the number of orphans declined, the global spotlight on the issue seemed to intensify. In 2002, the high-profile adoption of a Cambodian child by Angelina Jolie rekindled global concern about the plight of Cambodian orphans. Many young people traveled to Cambodia to work as volunteers in orphanages.
!***NOTE***! This is extremely interesting :

The paragraph re-printed above, has been edited to exclude the last sentence, which appears in today Sunday June 15th's print edition. That last sentence is, after "orphanges", :

"including the daughter of Australia's prime minister, Tony Abbott."

Very strange that the NYT would leave that out of their online edition.

The fact that the Aussie PM had a daughter who was sucked up into this competitive compassion nonsense in Cambodia had struck me as strange. When I went back to the NYT online article to find the PM's name, I kept doing a "Ctrl-F" search with the words "prime" "minister" "daughter" etc.,all to no avail. Finally I had to go drag out my coffee-stained edition of the Times from this morning, to track down the relevant sentence.

Why would they leave something like that out?

Could it be that Abbott or his advisers spotted it in Sunday's print edition, found it too embarrassing, and called on Sulzy of friends to disappear the reference to his daughter's humanitarian volunteer work for a giant fraud?

Answer: goodness knows that the NYT is capable of far, far more evil and sinister things.

They are nothing less than a verminous cabal of evil civilization-wreckers, and as such, deserve  everything they have coming to them.

The New York Times: Doing The Devil's Work - In A Not Always Too Subtle Way - Since  1898

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