Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, June 13, 2014

Camp Of The Saints / Boat People

Coming soon to a (white) country near you :

Incredible footage of the Evil White Man providing food, shelter, health care, and later (off screen) full birth-right citizenship to South East Asian boatpeople hordes.

This is from 1990 - almost a full quarter century ago.

Consider and contrast how these rather primitive SE Asian boat people are treated on a USA warship in 1990, to how the unprecedented numbers of "undocumented" migrant children from Central America are being housed on US military bases right now in Texas and Arizona.

This is Jean Raspail's Camp Of The Saints, playing out right now in the real world.

Make no mistake: this is small part of an agenda that it is very much a Zionist agenda, that has been going on for a very long time indeed.

Anyone who does not see this, is either an idiot or a facilitator of this agenda. As hard as this might be to believe, this is what is really going on.


Anonymous said...

Jean Raspail indeed :

The real Camp of the Saints invasion nightmare is actually happening in north Africa, in the Spanish enclaves of Menilla and Cueta. (Sp?).

Anonymous said...


YeeWong !

Dee white man he so gew !

He takey care dee Vree-etmann-reese man sro grood.

Dree white Man he sro drumb, he grib us frood, shreltrer, he even givre us pashprort.

So grood beeing vree-etmraneeesh when we hrave dree write mran trake such grood crare of rus !

Anonymous said...


FRUCK : PA HAS already led to the virtual extinction of the white race:

In 1950 35% of humanity was white.

In 2010, whites made up less than 7% of "mankind."

Meantime, in Sub-Saharan Aprefica: in 1950 sub-saharan negroes made up less than 6% of global population.

In 2010, sub-saharans burst through the ONE BILLION marker on the nigometer - a population explosion caused 100% by DWL white guilt and technology transfer.


Negroes with acorn-size brains and high propensity to violence already outnumber whites on planet earth.

When will the Zionists who in actuality control these Malthusian nightmare trends be satisfied with their devilish work, and simply declare victory over the White Race?

Answer: it is in the nature of the Jew to never renounce its inherent role as invidious parasite upon its host population.

Ask a cockroach to please move on, now that it has infestated the walls of your house.

Even if the Exterminators Blowtorch truck is parked right outside, the Israeli will give you the same answer as the cockroach:

"Sorry no can do. We were meant from the beginning of time to be parasites on our host populations.

Sorry Goy it's just in our nature !"