Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Obama Invites His Sons To The White House; The NYT Gets Giddy With Brotherly Love For This Presidential Act Of Racial Unilateralism

Without a soupcon of irony or the tiniest morsel of self-consciousness, the verminous and sinister anti-white weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record published a story today that was announced on their front page - the most expensive publishing real estate on planet earth btw - with a photo of Obama in the White House surrounded by several young African Americans who could all have been his sons, according to the president.

"Obama Starts Initiative For Young Black Men, Noting His Own Experience"

Holy Ye Gods what a terrific sham.

Obama and his sons.

Any educated person even remotely familiar with the history of Haiti, for example, knows by now that platitudes and make-believe are not the answer to attenuating the misery in that godforsaken place. Or any place where Obama's sons are in the majority.

Seeing Obama today surrounded by his sons, with the promise of another 200 million Federal (white taxpayer, mostly) dollars to uplift them (Bloomberg gave 100 mil of his own denero to uplift negroes and hispanics in New York ; Zuckerberg gave one hundred million of his own hard-earned (snicker) Fscebook dollars to the all-Negro Newark public school system, and the list of verminous self-facilitating morality athlete status whores goes on and on and on...)  is a forceful reminder of the 2007 quote to a London newspaper by Nobel prize-winner James Watson, who said (thereby ending his lifelong career at Cold Harbor) that:  public policy focusing on Africa will always be wrong and misguided until we recognize that Africans have an overall different cognitive ability.

It is not a mean thing to say, it is fact. It is reality. Like a drug addict who refuses to admit his own addiction, as long as the West continues to deceive itself about the very real biological nature of the achievement gap, absolutely nothing good will ever come of these so called up-lift programs for minority youth.

The iron gloves of PC One-Worldism indoctrination must be cast off once and for all, if anything is going to change for the better.

Public policy in the West cannot continue to be formulated under this Nansy Pansy, utopian wann-a-be, psycho egalitarian wishful thinking.

From the article :
“It doesn’t take that much, but it takes more than we are doing now,” Mr. Obama said.
“We will beat the odds. We need to give every child — no matter what they look like, no matter where they live — the ability to meet their full potential.”

He also challenged black men to do better themselves, and said they must not make excuses for their failures or blame society for the poor decisions they have already made.
“You will have to reject the cynicism that says the circumstances of your birth or society’s lingering injustices necessarily define you and your future,” Mr. Obama said.
“It will take courage, but you will have to tune out the naysayers who say if the deck is stacked against you, you might as well just give up or settle into the stereotype.”
“Nothing will be given to you,” he said.
Absolutely, positively, cringe-worthy shit.

And yet, for the vermin at the New York Times, front page news.


The New York Times: complicit, guilty-as-charged in the decline of the West, since 1898.

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