Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Charles Blow: "Accept Progress, Accept Diversity, Otherwise You Are A Hater"

Sat. March 1st MMXIV
One glance at the glaring, stupid, prognathic mugg of this hateful professional race-hustler tells you everything you need to know about "NYT Columnist" (lmao) Charles blowfish Blow:

Today this disgusting race-baiting racist Blowfish published yet another article in the sanctimonious pages of Amerika's "newspaper of record," entitled: "Father's Sons And Brothers Keepers."

Get ready for some shite, because Blow's article goes in part like this:
"When there is an empty space where a father should be, sorrow often grows. The void creates in a child an injury that the child is often unable to articulate or even recognize.
And what children miss at home, they will often seek in the street, to ill effect.
Many boys with that empty space lash out and act up, trying to be seen, searching, as people do, for love and affirmation, wanting desperately to be validated. And too many of us, in turn, see them as menaces rather than as boys struggling — often without sufficient instruction and against a tide of systemic inequity — to simply become men. In such a warped world, basic survival can become a metric of success.
[Emphasis by COTT] 

Sickening, repulsive, blame-shifting relativism that in a sane society would be punished by forced deportation to a re-education camp, or worse (better?).

What this a-hole Blow is saying here, essentially, is that: if young black males (BMs) act up and kill some bitches, rape some bitches, ax-identally shoot some bitches, well, it's not really their fault. The Devil (whitey) made them do it, and therefore you should just chill the eff out. And spend a couple trillion more dollars to uplift the Knee-Grow to his rightful place in society. Nomesane?

That in a nutshell is what this sickening fraud, this fraudulent Charles Blow, is saying in the Op-Ed pages of the so-called most relevant newspaper on planet earth. 

Instead of addressing the core issues behind criminality in the US in 2014, instead what we get in this sick sick sick USA, is a Negro apologist at his pulpit at the so-called newspaper of record, blaming everything and everyone but the real perps, for out-of-control young BM criminality.

The fact that the NYT is so up-to-their-necks complicit in this duplicity, should make the Sulzies scared as hell about the inevitable future day of reckoning.

It can not come fast enough, for this impartial observer.

The New York Times: Empowering low-wattage race hustlers like Charles blowfish Blow since the Jason Blair Affair.

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