Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, March 28, 2014

Geneva (Swiss) Police Infomercial: The Tentacles of The Agenda Run Deep

This is slightly O/T, but it is yet another tiny bit of proof offered in furtherance of revealing the shocking Agenda to which the vermin at the New York Times are the principal paid media agitators :

Switzerland just shocked her brain-bleached European neighbors, by voting 50.3% to restrict mass immigration to that bejeweled place of snowy peaks and refinement.

Predictably, Europe's medio-elite branded their Swiss neighbors as backwards redneck xenophobes.

Unfortunately for the anti-Population Replacement crowds in Europe, the fact is that the city of Geneva has had an explosion in criminality in the last few years, and, even more unfortunately for the champions of the  Great European Erasure, the Internet (even in Switzerland!)  has made it possible for even the dumbest, most TV-addled Swiss goyim, to read up on what is really going on in their historically isolationist homeland.

A passing glance at the Geneva police crime blotter, will quickly reveal that virtually every single act of criminality in that city on a lake, is today likely perpetrated by a very specific demographic: namely newly arrived illegal immigrants from mostly Northern Africa. In just about every case of purse-snatching, drug dealing, robbery, and criminal violence and aggression of any stripe, the perp is going to be a mid-20s north African male,  on average.

For example: a quick glance at the Geneva (Switzerland) Municipal Police crime blotter for today Friday 28 March, gives us this :

 (Translation: "A 30-year-old homeless man from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in west Africa, was arrested today on charges of theft, narcotics,  and violations of Swiss immigration law.")

If you read through the Swiss Geneva municipal police crime reports, you will see that fully 90% of perps are illegal alien young man from Africa, mostly north Africa.

Therefore, in this context, it is somewhat to not say "highly" understandable, that the Swiss people would vote to reduce the mass importation of non-Swiss into their beautiful neutral country.

And yet, throughout Europe, the Great Replacement Agenda police, are lambasting the Swiss for their racist and xenophobic instincts of self-preservation.


It needs to be understood that the Agenda is deeply rooted within the institutions of the nations that it targets.

Whence the video subject of today's COTT posting :

The New York Times: Maybe Not For This Particular Post, But Otherwise: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

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