Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Definitive Proof That Amerika's Newspaper of Record Is Written By (Female) High School Students

"Group Rooted In Desert Looks Out For Migrants"

Pathological Altruism, anyone?

From the article :

The last part in the article above reminds me of a scene witnessed at Starbucks today: the barista was a white guy with some stupid tattoo on the back of his neck, it was a letter in the alphabet of some stupid turd world language he no doubt upholds as superior in every way. So in front of me in line is some East African taxi driver, who tells the kid: "That later from back you neck, it am language from my coontry." 

To which the white Starbucks barista replied something along the lines of: "Yes, it is the mantra of compassion in Swahili" (or some other african turd world language, such as woolof).  

I have to admit that I had to side with the turd world cabby at that point, and share with him my utter contempt for the barista and his pitiable dhimmitude, because even for this east african gent, it was obvious that permanently skank-stamping your own body with a symbol from what everyone except white baristas (apparently) know is clearly an inferior culture in every way, implies a level of stupidity and/or mental illness that is worthy of nothing but absolute scorn and derision. 

The Project as endorsed by Amerika's Newspaper of Record is working beyond their wildest dreams. The article linked above, and the lesson of the skank-stamped white Starbucks employee, are the proof in the poisonous pudding. 

Bring the Mexicans their water bitch, so that after your status-whoring manicure is complete, the illegals may survive the hike in good cheer, and arrive and thrive and multiply in the USA, so that their mexi-spanish-speaking football-shaped mestizo offspring may multiply, and soon outnumber the likes of your sorry ilk. 

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Anonymous said...

If she keeps taken them water then maybe she will not be the size that the Mexicans offspring will be?