Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"charity: water" : The Reality-Houdini Status Preeners At The NYT Are All Gushing And Jealous About A New Generation Of Extreme Status-Whoring Do-Gooder DWLs And Their Very Public Quest To Bring Clean Water To Everyone (Read: Africans) On Earth


As we have seen in the past, the One-World One-Narrative Unique-Think Utopia Psychopaths at the New York Times often publish an article in the Sunday Magazine not on the cover but in the back pages, to conceal from readers what the Times thinks is truly the issue of the day.

In today's print edition of the NYTSM, we see such sneakiness in action, with "A Save-The-World Field Trip For Millionaire Tech Moguls," penned by contributing Times propagandist Max Chafkin.

"Field Trip" is the story of a big-money NYC-based charity group - "charity:water" - that was founded by the Jason Russellesque-type of photogenic white hipster (Scott Harrison) that the freak-a-zoids at the Times absolutely fall all over themselves for.

From the article :
Since its founding, Harrison’s charity has worked in 20 countries, but it has spent more money drilling wells and setting up hand pumps in Tigray than anywhere else — projected to be some $27 million by the end of this year. By trying to ensure that the region’s entire rural population, some four million people, has access to clean water, Harrison hopes to be able to offer proof (a word he loves) that the global water crisis is solvable. So far, charity: water claims to have provided clean water to a million people in the area. Tigray also happens to be relatively safe and heartachingly beautiful — making it a suitable destination for a group of young millionaires. “It’s where I take people to kind of start,” Harrison told me in his New York office in April. “It’s Abyssinia. The priests are wrapped in shrouds. It’s sick” — by which he meant very cool.

Now that Jason Russell's "Kony 2012" and the ridicule of that Africa charity fraud is over a year old, the pathological altruists at Amerika's newspaper of record have apparently decided that it is safe to talk once again about paternalistic Western attempts to uplift black Africans. Unfortunately for the humourless do-gooders at the Times, they fail to see the irony of printing such a story so shortly after the release by the United Nations' Population Division of a study that shows that Africa's meta-population is doing quite well thank you very much. In fact, Africa's population is on track to quadruple in the next few decades :

But why would the inevitable disaster that will result from a 100% White Western-fueled African Population Explosion bother any of the DWL millionaires in this group ?

Answer : it won't. Because in his own status-preening, Bono made welfare for Africans look so morally appealing, that it's now a hot commodity among the Silicon Valley super-rich, a quick and easy way to prove your humanitarian, anti-racist bona fides without the burden of the kind of  critical deep thinking that readers of COTT and the alt-rightosphere in general are hobbled with. 

Core DWL beliefs, per the article : 

Sure, there is nothing wrong with charity or tithing. But when it is done in a context of 100% HBD Denialism - which by the way only white wishful thinkers like Harrison or Kony 2012's Jason Russel seem capable of - only terrible badness can come of it. 

The super-smart people featured in this NYT Magazine article are so smugly full of themselves with the perceived moral superiority that automatically comes with helping Africans, that they are utterly blind to the fact that what they are doing is actually the worst thing they could do to reduce misery in Africa. 

In 1950 the world was 33% white and 8% African, on average. 

In 2010 it was revealed that those numbers were the same, just inverted : 

The world today is about 33% African, and less than 8% European. 

The African population explosion from 1880 (fewer than about 80 millions black Africans back then) to 2010 (over 1.1 BILLION today) needs to be understood in the context within which it occurred, namely: against the backdrop of massive White Western Intervention. 

And by Euro intervention we mean: "Uplift," as in: roads, hospitals, bridges, schools, food, antibiotics, abolishing slavery, the wheel... In a word, the pre-independence infrastructure that colonial Europe built in Africa was what enabled that essentially hunter-gatherer population to explode into the aid-sustained numbers we see today.

A DWL's denial of this reality is equivalent to a soup kitchen worker giving a bowl of porridge to a hungry old man, even though she has been told by the resident surgeon that if the patient eats anything his stomach will explode, and he will die. 

Lack of foresight: another trait that status-hungry DWLs share with their pet upliftees also lacking in future-time orientation? 


It's almost a feminine thing: for no woman can bare to see an individual of any creed suffer before her.  Especially a cute, cuddley l'il chirren like the ones our author Max so endearingly describes : 


Question: How do you expect the largely feminized liberal anti-racist do-gooder movement to understand or even recognize the horrendous long-term liabilities of their actions, given their chronic, toxic HBD Denialism?  

Answer: you cannot. Modern-day whites and their enablers like the verminous reality contortionists at the NYT (and other mainstream media institutions) who brainwash them with false ideals about what is really Morally Right, don't stand a chance in the Social Morality Manicure wars. 

Consider this little splash of competitive compassion propaganda from the article : 

Awww, "it was too hawd," says Max our narrator. "Oh world, you see how how how much weaker I am than a 9 year-old l'il African chirren. Awwww. Oh and by the way please put a little more polish on that rag as you BUFF THE HALO OVER MY morally superior head."


This nonsense by Max sounds very similar to the New York Times' own Nicholas Kristoff, who in his Africa travels last year made it clear over and over of how fully inferior he was compared to the strong, beautiful, resilient natives. (Tricky Nick is featured in the COTT archives). Here's Max Chafkin doing Kristoff :

When are the Morality Peacocks at the NYT going to realize that this neo-colonial paternalistic do-gooderism crap makes them look stupid? 



A final excerpt from this sad state of affairs : 

 The New York Times: Treating Africans Like Chirren Since Sunday Morning


Postum Script :

A quick perusal of the comments to this NYT piece reveals at least one common-sense comment that was not censored? Sadly, it was probably simply overlooked by the Times Online moderator staff. (And it's from San Fran no less !)

  • westcoastdog
  • San Francisco
First of all, I traveled through the Congo to East Africa, in the 70s when it was relatively safe.
The well meaning tourists of the above article have one fundamental misunderstanding--they can make a difference. Africans don't need outside assistance. They need population control, a verboten political subject. No political leader has ever raised it as a significant issue.
In 1960 Uganda had a population of 7.3 million; in 2009, 32 million. Every country in Africa has increased its population three or more times during the past 50 years! I suggest readers of this article to do a search of the 1960 and 2010 world population. You will be shocked. India gained 700 million!
Africa has received hundreds of billions of aid, and NGOs are ubiquitous. What has been the result?
I have a friend, who urged me to donate to a charity that will purchase one cow for a family. Suppose this one cow allows one or two children more to survive into adulthood. Does the country have sufficient farm land and water, schools, and energy to provide for the increase?
In 1960 conditions were dismal in much of the underdeveloped world. Now the conditions remain dismal but there are three times as many suffering.


Anonymous said...

OMG great job outting the DWLs at the Times.

It is so true how disgustingly competitive they are about proving their utter adulation of the negro.

Anonymous said...

God DAMN ! You would have thought that the New York Times would have leanred their lesson with Jason Russell and Kony 2012 last year.

Truly, there is no end to pro negro uplift, anti-white agenda of the swine at the Tims.

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