Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

An Example Of NYT Dhimmitude From France So Flagrantly Dishonest, That It Gets Reported On "Fdesouche" - France's Most-Visited Political Blog

You're just not going to believe this: an article that appeared today in the print edition of Amerika's Newspaper of Record, penned by NYTimes communist Alissa J. Rubin (winky winky), and entitled : "A French Town Bridges The Gap Between Muslims And Non-Muslims."

This article is so outrageous in its outright, taqquiya-style lies about the Great Replacement happening in France right now, that it was picked up by our friends at fdesouche.com. 

The lying little white (??) vermin reporter commences her article of lies thus :
"In a country where Islamic head coverings are regulated by law and many Muslims say they have been made to feel like outsiders, Roubaix is one of just a handful of cities that have broken with a rigid interpretation of the country’s state secularism. The city stands out for its effort to take discreet but pointed steps to promote an active Muslim community, and in doing so it has diminished the ethnic and sectarian tensions that have afflicted other parts of France, evident again during the holy month of Ramadan this summer.
In Trappes, a heavily Muslim suburb of Paris, an altercation between the police and a woman wearing a niqab, a veil that is illegal to wear in public, turned violent two weeks ago. In another suburb of Paris, the mayor refused a request by Muslims for a prayer room to use during Ramadan. The Interior Ministry says crimes targeting Muslims have increased 28 percent this year."

When the rubber band finally snaps back on these people, it is going to hurt Oh so bad, because they
have taken it too far.

Anyone with an internet connection knows what is really going on in France, and that is a Grand Remplacement de Peuple orchestrated by the same people that
Miss Rubin works for.

No mention in this disgusting article of lies of course that France's Minister of the Interior - Manuel Valls - has been "breaking fast" all over France in Muslim communities to officialize  his (adopted*) country's total Dhimmi status. [*Valls was born in Spain].

No mention by the verminous reality contortionists at the Times that French officials have for years now gone to great lengths to accommodate retrograde Islamists who oppress women, so that these same Dark-Ages barbarian Reconquistadors with their dirty beards and their disgusting sandals, can take over entire swaths of Parisian streets so that they might pray to Allah in the land of baguettes and fine wine, all the while with their filthy backsides pointed skywards. Like so :

 Here's where Rubin's article gets seriously ominous, however  :

The New York Times: Payback Is Coming Soon, You Swine. And It Aint Gonna Be Pretty.

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As reported on Fdesouche :

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