Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, March 25, 2013

In Gay Paree, Which Is Already In The Literally Gay-Friendliest Country On Earth (In 1999 France Passed Their So-Called "PACS" Law, Which Basically Already Codified Marriage, or "Civil Partnerships," Between Whiny-For-Equality Butt Buddies And Lantern-Jawed Man-Dykes): As Ordinary French People Gather Sunday On The Champs Elysées In A Massive Demonstration Against An Upcoming Vote On Gay Marriage, The Worthless Little Vermin At Amerika's Newspaper Of Record Do Everything In Their Grasp To Misinform And Distort

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Only twice in History have that many Frenchmen turned out on the Champs Elysées in such huge numbers:

The first time was in August 1944, shortly after liberation and the end of German occupation of the city; the second time was in July 1998, when France beat Brazil in the World Cup (to you NFL-crazed "Ricains," that's soccer).

This time though, what is obviously a record crowd of well over one million turned out. A simple Google search, when combined with analysis of the abundant aerial photography available of the event, makes it very easy to accurately estimate how many people are present when the Champs Elysées, or for that matter the Champ de Mars (where the Eiffel Tower is located), are teeming with hundreds of thousands of protesters.

And yet, in the NYT article on page 6 published in today's national edition, and entitled "French Protest As Gay Marriage Bill Nears Passage", we get this:

In "French Protest," the Times not only downplayed the record number of participants at this event, they also failed to mention the unprecedented violence unleashed by the French National Police (CRS) on the majority white, majority peaceful crowd of protesters.

But here's where it gets really fascinating, tho: the Times' article in question is accompanied by this photo :

That's right, the dude on the left in the red hat looks a wee out of place. Why would the NYT choose to publish this particular photo?

Sure enough, from the very get-go the disinformation oozes from the sickly, evil pages of the Times. The title alone of their article sneakily suggests that the vote on the Butt Buddy Bill in France is a foregone conclusion, and that there are only a handful of extremist wackos turning out to challenge it.

The NYT plays dirty when a story such as this emerges. And by all means this story is about hundreds of thousands of everyday white Frenchman standing up against the sinister globalist agenda that the New York Times works so viciously to promote.

Incredibly, Token Black Guy In Red Hat also appears in this video, which was published today on "défrancisation.com"  :

TBG appears in the third minute, at 14 seconds to be precise , of this video linked over at defrancisation:

Check out the way French cops just wail on innocent French women, children and harmless beta-boys. .

Imagine for two seconds them trying to have such balls when putting down an uprising in the banlieues. 


The New York Times: Complicit In The Reaming Of The West Since 1947.


Anonymous said...

That "French" negro in the red cap is definitely some kind of plant.

Go to the video and watch the way it bounces around, dancing like some kind of African hip-hop primitive, as the camera pans.

Deeply, deeply suspicious Arturo.

Thanks for posting this.

Robert Marchenoir said...

The NYT report is not as bad as you make it. Regarding the last photograph, it's a very good one, and there are several reasons which make it a newsworthy choice.

1. It's on the Champs-Elysées. The authorities originally forbade the demonstration to take place on the prestigious avenue. The huge number of demonstrators could not be restrained to the adjoining streets, they overwhelmed the riot police, and they filled the Champs-Elysées.

So what this picture shows is the tremendous success of the anti-socialist demonstration, and the defeat of the government.

2. The front line of people are on their knees. Even if they are not praying right at that moment, most of the demonstrators were catholics (a fact, if you can believe it, which was downplayed by the leaders of the movement themselves).

This is big news. Up to now, conservative catholics were nowhere to be seen in the French political landscape, and they certainly did not take to the streets. That they have taken the lead in what many hope will turn into a right-wing French Spring is a major, major surprise. This picture shows this.

3. Several people on this picture are quite young. Up to now, conservative catholics in France were viewed as old-hat. The young and trendy were left-wing. This is changing.

4. The title is correct. The government did not show any inclination to compromise on gay marriage at the time of the demonstration, and it has not shown any since.

5. The black guy : I don't know who he is. I think you're reading too much into this. The demonstration was overwhelmingly white, middle-class and catholic, but there was a small Muslim and Jewish contingent. The blacks from French Caribbean islands have taken a fierce stand against gay marriage. They are much more opposed to it than the average White. This chap might be one of them.

Robert Marchenoir