Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Monday, March 18, 2013

From French Nightly News (TF1), A Story About Solar Power In Public Housing Gives Us This Obamanation Stanley Dunham Lookalike

(Look for it in the 31st minute of the vid, viewable in its entirety here):

What sick, polluted, dangerous minds are behind the subliminal population-replacement agitprop that is broadcast nightly into the homes of tens of hundreds of millions of unsuspecting euros?

Maliciously weaving this disgusting race-traitorous French woman into the context of the story at hand (solar panels - Yay !), is diabolically akin to doing a television PSA in 1942, in Hawaii, for example,  that addresses road safety,  with a young, uniformed Japanese male depicted at the wheel. 

The "West" today is a sick, sick place, not because we are naturally predisposed to dysfunction as opposed to the science and imagination achievements that have made us the envy of the world - which btw we have shaped in every imaginable way, including the very number of humans alive today and enjoying the trickle-down benefits of Western innovation  - but rather because of a smallish number of influential public policy shapers responsible for convincing hundreds of millions that a single mother like the one pictures above, living in public housing, with a bastard mixed race sprog, is somehow a paradigm of modern virtue. 


Anonymous said...

The French are on a suicide mission. No question about it.

Problem is, that the word "french" can be substituted with the word "White".

Anonymous said...

Who knew Jay Leno had a twin sister?

Gem Junior said...

OMFG The Chin. Holy crap! Yes, Anon 9:36, Jay Leno has a sister and she is DOGGISH. The funniest thing is the mulatto child has also got that attractive chin. How could she give birth, knowing that her chin might be repeated and passed on through her DNA? And with that strange sense of humor she then has sex with an African boof who adds to the various debits? That is so FUBAR. But thanks for the laugh! I guess I shouldn't be laughing but you can't blame me. Anything to hide my tears over the death of our beautiful, noble race.

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