Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back To Regular Programming A LIttle Later

BTW: This has been the longest pause in this blog's 3-year history. And since every day the New York Times goes a little more anti-white bizarro world rogue, we know that every day presents new opportunities to expose the Times' ever-more outlandishly criminal ways.


Anonymous said...

You got to admit the fucking joos are in control. They own the US government and run it for themselves. They own Hollyweird and run it for themselves. When was the last time you saw a joo movie that wasn't crammed with joos and the theme was not anti-White? Have you checked the number of joos running the talk shows, comedies, the shitcoms etc? How about "news" media? The joos own the media and run it for themselves. Nothing gets on the noos unless the joos want it to get on the noos. A massacre of Whites by blacks hardly makes the local noos to say nothing of the national noos. Who runs the federal reserve? Guess who's teaching your kids in school and college? Have you had a case go before a judge lately? Almost all of the SC are either joos are liberals.
The joos put on award ceremonies where joos are patting joos on the back for one anti-White thing or the other and awarding prizes worth millions and the joo owned media carries this all front page news world wide. My what a good joo am I.
Every country world wide has hundred of joo committees that examine every word written or spoken or videoed to ensure it meets their approval, if it doesn't there are going to be apologies and changes made to and for the joos.
In the US the joos have used the blacks as a shield for the joo agenda of destroying White America.
Just think where the US would be now if we had not of had to divert our energy and resources to the bottomless pit of joos and their diversity. Think about it. You know the joos have.

Anonymous said...

It is also against the law to be anti-jew, but it is not against the law to be anti-White

wrinkle cream said...

freedom ends when you step on another man's freedom.