Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Hateful Little Eunuchs At The NYT Get Manna From Heaven With News Of A Bridgeford, Conn. Catholic Priest Busted For Dealing Meth

For the evil hand that pulls the strings from behind the red velvet curtain, it's basically like hearing that your mortal enemy has been diagnosed with rectal cancer (and that he's in jail, and that his family died and his dog died and his house burned down...)  :

"A Dazzling Priest's Lurid Fall To Drug Suspect"

Talk about schadenfreude.

The New York Times has for the past five years been publishing almost daily reports on the so-called Catholic Church "abuse scandal."

Though we at COTT have no special affection for the Catholic Church, we do recognize the fact that as an institution, the Vatican has built more schools and hospitals and basic infrastructure in Dark Africa and everywhere else in the "Developing World" (chortle), than the Islamic or whatever allies-of-the-day of the evil civilization-wreckers at the New York Times could ever hope to.

An illustrious member of the COTT staff once had an Aunt (Obama and his peeps would pronounce it: "on-tee") who was a nun. This on-tee was the very height of virtue and true do-gooderism, may the Times and their ilk and their own twisted definitions of virtue be damned.



Maxwell said...

I share your frustration with the New York Times' disrespectful treatment of the Catholic Church.

It's like they focus only on the bad that has comer out of the church, and never the good, which is a big good.

I spent more than a decade of my life in fine Catholic and Jesuit schools and high schools, and though the treatment was at times strict, I can assure you I was never abiused as the Tomes would like you to believe.

Jesus Christ! (forgive me the blasphemy): Does one really think that a similar experience resulted from spending a decasde or more in a madrassa, with those low-iq dirty beards and their extremely approximative notion of what Islam is all aboutn in the first place (except, as I saw on future suicide bomber nut job practitioner of the religion of peace scream at a reporter: "Our religion his prohet came seven hundred years after your prohet! " The dirty beards truly believe that they are a better version of christianity, like Religion 2.0. Prpblem is, they never take whiteness into their calculation. The darker the people, the less intelligent, the less moral, the less virtuous. It's quite simple really: high IQ = high Religion.

Ryu said...

How are you reading the NYT anymore? I thought your paywall trick stopped working?

Anonymous said...

If the NYT carried all the crimes of just the jew rabbis that would keep the pages full and maybe even earn them a profit.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the dozen or so ads on my Youtube channel that are purposefully biased and anti-white male? It is eye opening. The efforts to shape people's reality despite reality and facts. Amazing. I though commercials were there to sell products and services? Here is one of many:


Anonymous said...

It is the duty of all Whites everywhere to never view a racist commercial that depicts Whites as stupid and subservient to any other race. Most importantly never buy any of the products that depict Whites as being stupid or asinine. You can bet if all Whites boycott such products, the jews that product these commercials will stop producing them. When I watch TV I always go to my weather scan or a movie channel then I go to what ever program I want to watch, when a commercial comes on I hit the back button and I am on the weather channel then about four minutes later I hit the back button and I am on the program again. The alternative is to not watch TV and of course to not buy the products shown in these anti-White commercials.