Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Democracy In America 2.0" : What Could Alexis de Tocqueville Possibly Have Said About Ethnic Rivalry In The Fantastically Overcrowded U.S. Prison System ?

Note : this 54-minute vid was produced by French National Geographic.

It is in French, but very easy to understand.

With a candor that would never be permissible on American airwaves, this Frenchy vid delves with unique courage into the primal importance of the ethnic element in the U.S. prison system.

National Geographic USA would not touch a film that exposes racial rivalry in prisons with a ten foot pole; it is therefore curious that this documentary comes out of France, where it is not even legal to mention race in the compiling of all kinds of information. (There is even talk in batshit crazy France right now, of officially banning usage of the word "race"  in the constitution, and all legislation).


Anonymous said...

TNB in French = CNT or "comportement noir typique".

Not sure of the quality of that translation, though.

Maxwell said...

The French tv crew at 22 minutes is interviewing and following around a typical NAPA (north american pavement ape) who is explaining to the camera crew about how unspoken boundaries exist in the prison between Negroes, Hispanics and whites.

It is hilarious the way this negro says "nomesane?" literally at the end of every single sentence.

God, the French are naive. They have their own mud problem, but they are blessedly free of NAPA-style primitives.

Bitter Detroiter said...

"Scared Straight" is pretty great, too :


Also highly recommended: Bait Car .

Anonymous said...

France is definitely ahead of the curve on multiple measure of civilization decline and the programmed disappearance of whites on this planet.

It's funny how the West's ethnics draw so much attention to themselves:

For example, we learned more than a year ago that London is very close to being majority non-whites; in 2010 it was revealed that negro women are excreting HALF of all newborns in the Paris metro area; etc etc.

In the US we have a similar catastrophe in slow motion occurring, and yet somehow the United States seems to effectively minimize the pernicious role of the foreign-born and the non-white in our metropolitan areas.

What's curious, finally, is that despite all the crazy news of torched cars in France and rampaging muslim "youths" in Tottenham, these two countries are still way, WAY more majority white than the United States.

While the (90% white in 1960) United States are close to 35% non-white in 2013, both Britain and France are still in the high, upper-eightieth percentile non non-white.

Payback is going to be a bitch for the motherfucker enemies who did this to the people who created the Modern World.

Both France and Britain

Anonymous said...

De Tocqueville was a very much confirmed HBDer.

Check out his affiliation with the great naturalist Arthur de Gobineau - but then, you probably already know this.

Anonymous said...

bollox !