Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

As Earth's Second Most Populous Country Conforms To Their Replacementist One-World Agenda, The New York Times Cheers On PDA In India (Of All Things)

"Kissing In Public Is On The Rise In India"

This "why is this news again?" pro-po puff piece is displayed prominently today right there on the Home Page of the diversity gurus at Amerika's newspaper of record.

Why indeed, is this news at all much less news worthy of front-page attention?

Answer: the evil eunuch Utopists who operate the New York Times are succeeding in implementing their sinister agenda, and they want their readers to know it. This snotty little puff piece is, in fact,  nothing more than a journalistic victory lap.

IOW, the New York Times is conveying the following message:

"We are winning. You are losing. Public policy in every Western nation is being moulded by us becoming more progressive,  just as we have encouraged and fought for with militia-like militancy."

The hateful anti-traditionalists at the Times want to facilitate the ongoing deconstruction of the Whole Wide World at large and the White, Western World in particular. The latter world is their preferred target, right now.

For every single documentable instance of non-traditional behaviour in the First, Second, Third and even Fourth World, the vicious reality-reversers of Forty Second Street will stand up and loudly  cheer.

Make no mistake: this evil institution is responsible for much of the sickness that has overtaken the West in the past three decades.

The NYT is marshaling a campaign that can only get uglier.


From the article "Kissing In Public" :

The New York Times: Gloating Over Their Contribution To The Destruction Of The West Since Last Sunday's Brunch


Anonymous said...

I too thought there was something not quite right about this article which appeared prominently in today's New York Times Home Page.

You would have thought that they would still be talking instead about the Chris Dorner showdown in Big Bear of the Obama Speech from last night.

I have to admit that I too am very confused by the message that the New York Times is trying to send: What do they really want?

Thank you for this post, if it actually really didn't do much to help my confusion regarding @nyt.

Anonymous said...

Dude why do you care?

Nobody reads the new york times anyways.

Why else do you think they are pushing subscription plans so hard ?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Christopher Dorner is being canonized in the Kill Whitey Hall of Fame along with the Double Thorntons (Cookie and Omar), the Colin Fergusons, the George Essex (New Orleans Holiday Inn rifle sniper nurderer), the Auburn Calloway (Fed Ex ex-employee who in 1994 tried to murder all three white dudes in the cockpit of a Fed Ex jumbo), and DAvid Burke, the former Southwest Airways nigger employee who chimped on a flight between LA and San Fran, killing his ex-supervisor with a bullet to the head and then bringing down the plane, in 1987, leaving close to 50 dead.

Oh, you never heard about Burke, or Calloway? Well, those two niggers killed tons os whites before the age of the internet. Of course the pussies in the media whiteashed their crimes.

In the same way that the name "Gustav Whilhelm" is unknown to modern audiences (the GW was the greatest maritime disaster in Human history, in Jan 1945), in the same way you never heard of the Gustave Whilhelm (or however it's spelled - too lazy to Google right now), the vast vast VAST majority of people especially white people are totally clueless to the historical roots of the negro criminality we see today.

Just sayin !

A COTT reader, a Jaded One.

Anonymous said...

Beware all trolls posting about so-called Nazi atrocities

Anonymous said...

Some nigger on CNN(Communist News Network)said that this Dorner thing was very exciting like Django Unchained the jew movie.

Anonymous said...

You wanne see something really disgusting check out this web site "India Is Filthy" with pictures of disgusting and craven levels of filthy in India, including awful photos of rotting corpses in the Ganges :


Note that these photos were taken by Chink tourists in India in 2010; the chinese though themselves hopelessly non-white and they know it, are nevertheless very racist themselves. They look down on negroes quite a lot (Much as Ghandi himself did), and obviously from the link provided above, they do not hold back speaking the truth about the hopelessly Turd World quality of their neighbour to the east. All Chinamen are closet whitey-wannabees.