Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shocking Anti-White Hatred: The New York Times' Obsession With Discrediting Romney Is Bordering, I Would Say, On The Insane

Check out this sneering little gem of anti-white hatred, from the Op-Ed section of today's Sunday Times, entitled "Romny: What's Race Got To Do With It?', by Times communist Lee Siegel.

The New York Times hates white people; their only so-called "conservative"  communist, Ross Douthat, does not even do too good a job of differentiating himself from the Times' all out anti-Romney propaganda today, in a piece entitled "The Benefits of Bain Capitalism"

Gross-out warning from the Siegel piece: this stuff reveals the NYT for the hateful anti-white scoundrels that they really are.

From the article :

Why does the NYT hate white people with such a passion?

Answer: Culture of Critique. (Google it).

The New York Times hates, repeat: HATES: families and people who look like this, regardless of their political leanings :

I don't really give two shits one way or the other about Mitt Romney - especially since I know that his father when governor of Michigan was responsible in 1967 for allowing that highly productive state to spiral out of control after the black riots of 1967 - but one thing is clear, and should be clear to  a lot of normal decent right-thinking americans today: if it comes to voting for an affirmative-action America-hating half-Kenyan nobody, or an all-American Mormon family man millionaire, the choice should be obvious for anyone with the presence of mind to avoid another societal collapse, as our ancestors went through two thousand years ago.

That's all !


Anonymous said...

Is ee Siege a columnist? That l is silent.

Anonymous said...

You are correct yet again my friend. It is the age old hatred of the jew for the gentile. The term Goyim translates to human cattle does it not? Alleged communist witch hunts during McCarthyism? Seems to me most of the people cooked then were jews only now they are in positions of power where if you swallow their stalinist propaganda you are their friend. Otherwise you are a Nazi. As long as they paint things in such stark terms it makes it quite frankly easier for me to see them for the deadly age old enemy they in fact are. I have readthe"Culture of Critique" and found it correct on many points. It is their cohesion to the point of exclusion and their control of certain industries that has allowed them to thrive. Also Hitler did more for them than he could have ever imagined. That is all

Anonymous said...

My good man, you are absolutely right. These people are sick to the core.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a beautiful group of people. Not a tit showing, not a muscle shirt in the crowd. Dignified and beautiful people.

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan's written of the supreme court / lefts war on families and 'love' for abortion/ infanticide.....

Its a replay of Communists countries weakening of families and growth of govt....
doubt me? read PBs books.

Anonymous said...

Do these evil lefty Jews really think Immigrants and blacks love them?
guess again

Anonymous said...

It is the tribe with their stranglehold on this country through their occupation of the entire media, that's movies, commercials, all of the alphabet TV and cable TV channels, books, magazines of all sorts to include porn magazines,video porn, and newspapers that they can keep up the 24/7 drum beat against whites and white Christians. The jews hire and put into place jews in the most prominent positions in our society. The colleges and universities are crammed full of jew professors.Government and financial organizations are top heavy with jews. The courts are filled with jew judges. The movies are Jew daggers stabbed at the heart of America, as are TV programs. The jews keep up a steady "death to whites" chant with their Siegels and Tim Wises and other jews throughout the media.
It is time Whites wake up to this very serious jew threat from this three percent of the US population and put a stop to this destruction of the US. Whites have no where to run to. We stand and fight or we die.

rjp said...

Something doesn't look right about that pictures .... ah the age differences.

Isn't a mom supposed to be 12 or 13, a grandma supposed to be 23 or 24, and a great grandmother supposed to be 35 or 36?

Anonymous said...

The family is all American, attractive, wholesome, happy and successful. There's nothing that throws the Jews into a greater fit of malignant hatred than that.