Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As The Great Replacement Project Continues Apace, The Verminous Reality Contortionists Of Forty-Second Street Demonize Those Who Can See

"Police Gang Tyrannized Latinos, Indictment Says"

As a tiny minority of people including authorities stand up to the taco-bunnyfuxation of the United States, the hateful little weasels at Amerika's newspaper of record take the side of the invaders.

By the way what's up with the use of the word "tyrannized" in the title? What the Times wanted to say of course was "terrorize," but that word would have led readers to form a mental image of American Muslims; "tyrannize" has a connotation of system-wide oppression, in keeping with the guilt-inducing concept of the Original Sin(s) of the West: slavery, colonialism, and naziism. Still, it's a strange word choice, even for the evil elites at the New York Times.

From the article :

Hey, New Haven is their city now. How dare the NHPD impede the Great Replacement Program that the New York Times so fervently promotes?

More from the article:

This is unacceptable. The New York Times' illegal invader immigrant Mexican pets are using the 14th amendment (designed in 1868 to uplift the newly freed blacks) to drift here on chicken wings and spawn miniature taco bunnies that will metastasize into full-sized government dependent parasites, football-shaped mestizos whose presence on American soil is akin to a burrito sitting atop a birthday cake.

The psychotic diversity enforcers at the Grey Whore will not tolerate the slightest resistance, which is futile anyway because the Times' has been successful in their sinister population substitution agenda. Carried out on a planetary scale and led by the kinds of elites who populate the board rooms of the NYT, the post-war affliction of Western Civilization wherever it rears its ugly head on earth has been a smashing success, thank you very much. From a high of 33% in 1950 to less than 8% of global population today, Westerners are a rapidly disappearing minority. After having invented and then in a spasm of munificence given away the technology that would enable their own dispossession, the sick elites of the West are finishing off the job by squashing even the meekest resistance to the NWO.

The New York Times: Making The World Safe For Diversity Since 1981.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this site and others like it that expose the treachery and back-stabbing of our elites.

What the New York Times is doing in silencing the Pat Buchanans of this world is a disgusting, dark and sinister thing.

The New York Times is promoting genocide, a silent and hard-to-detect genocide, a slow-motion genocide that is only visible to Those Who Can See.

For anyone over age 30, the changes are obvious: in 1980 Paris for example was a French city. Today it is a multi-cult hodge podge, a cesspool suffering from the "backwash of empire," where 40% of the newborns are shat out by Stone-Age erectii afrtican semi-humans with a facial angle of 72 degrees (compare: white = 80 degrees; negro = 72 degrees; gorilla = 60 degrees).

Erectuswalksamongst.us indeed !

Anonymous said...

Very funny!

Football shaped mestizos, and like a burrito atop a wedding cake are excellent, but you must admit the cop's contemptuous imagery of illegals floating here on rafts of chicken wings is also priceless.

The New York Times is ideologically rigid and highly predictable and therefore unenlightening and uninteresting.

Anonymous said...

Football shaped mestizos.

Do you mean the round 11 a side Association Football where the mestizo would be as wide as they are tall or the NFL/CFL football where they are wider than they are tall?

Anonymous said...

And now their anchor babies can become president. The GA courts just decided, based on an obscure Indiana decision, that a "natural-born" citizen is anyone born on American soil, not matter where their parents are from.

This is totally OT, but I swear that I honestly believe the administration must have the power of life and death over some of these courts and other decision=makers who are etting them shred the Constitution on a daiy basis.

Anonymous said...

Excuse typos. That's what happens when I get all riled up.