Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Obsessive Glorification of Parasitic Non-Westerners From The Suicidal Xenophiles At America's Newspaper of Record

"Queens Libraries Speak The Mother Tongue"

"Nowhere to Go, [Non-Euro Illegal Alien Invader Parasites] Patients Linger in Hospitals, At High Cost"


Anonymous said...

IPhones and iPads are big in Korea.”

They cannot spell iPhone correctly. What a bunch of muppets!

Anonymous said...

Does the N.Y. Times consist of "suicidal xenophiles" or clever ZOGlings? Think about this, you White men of the world: Life is brutal. Politics and economics are brutal and corrupt. People with money use the money to bribe and corrupt their way to political power. People with political power use the power to gain money through amoral methods. The people with political and economic power always tell lies. Almost all autobiographies are false. History always tells lies because history is written for propaganda purposes, to satisfy economic interests or to please political interests. Karl Marx was a self-deluded Jew who wanted political power. Lenin was a part-Jew vicious liar and murderer (but that’s OK because good and evil are entirely subjective). Jews are a high-IQ, parasitical, deceptive, manipulative and exploitative people (but that’s OK because nature is red in tooth and claw and filled with parasites of all types). You can be a predator, a herbivore, a parasite or a primary produce (it’s all good in nature). If you are White then you can be a survivalist or a ZOGling. The ZOG will create either a global Third World slum or a Chink/Jap/gook police state. I think that White racists should follow William Pierce and other anti-ZOG leaders. Jews control MSM, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter. The ZOG is not really a formal organization but rather the natural outcome of what Jews do. What is wrong with the preceding opinions? What is a pogrom?

Anonymous said...

God damn! As shitty as it is, this site sure gets some good comments.