Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nick Kristof Takes Do-Gooderism To A New Level Of Laughable

What a silly little putz Times' communist and leading altruism athlete Nicholas Kristof is.

It's downright embarrassing to read his work, which oozes the psychological pathology that is one-worlder anti-Western global uplift liberalism.

His op-ed article on page A23 of today's national edition - "Getting Smart on Aid" - is a hilariously naive essay on how the West can uplift the Turd World by selective aid programs, so that the Dark Continent and other cesspools of poverty and Stone-Age inertia can continue to overpopulate the planet, while Westerners continue to shrink to a microscopic minority of global population (less than 8% today, down from one-third mid-century) the world over. Make no mistake: there truly is no greater threat to humankind, and no greater conspiracy occurring in the world today, than the population-replacement happening in Westernized nations worldwide.

As usual, tricky Nick makes no mention of the root causes behind poverty: i.e., innate group ability, nor of course does he even hint at the other disastrous consequences of liberal Western do-gooder interventionism in the Turd World: namely, a population explosion of listless peoples forever dependent on their aid suppliers.

I'd like to bitch-slap the silly grin off the mug of this little pussy, then force him at gunpoint to read "IQ And the Wealth of Nations."
Tricky Nick:
Not Getting It Since 1983

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Carlos Manyana said...

Nicholas Kristof goes to prison, gets gang raped, then writes a teary-eyed puff piece about his attackers' underprivileged background.