Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Sucking Up To The Chinese, When They Really Need To Be Called Out For The Thieving Little Copy Monkeys They Truly Are

As we have seen, the one-worlder population replacement fanatics at America's newspaper of record are in
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love with China, which they view as a nation of noble Confucious non-Westerners. Even though every single gadget to be found in the land of dragons and empires more technologically complex than a pair of chopsticks was dreamed up by a Western mind,  the treasonous vermin with pens of 42nd Street portray China not as the thieving uncreative copy-monkey turd world shithole that it is - a garbage factory of 1.3 billion devious little dumpling eaters - but a magnificent nation of noble souls, unburdened by the sins of the West's globe-shaping past.

Forgive me but I am a misanthrope: I admit it; what's wrong with that? Like the central character in Molière's play, however, my quite natural aversion to fellow members of the species does not extend to a select few, most notably those of the fairer sex who are most definitely as gregarious as crickets, and who would never share in what I consider to be a perfectly healthy contempt for strangers. 

But I digress: the New York Times presents a curious case in this matter of love (or not) for one's fellow man. The elitist psychopathetic reality contortionists at the Times make it very clear that they are unconditional xenophiles, expressing endless love for all peoples and species foreign to their own. But in a twist, this love of theirs for all things foreign translates into a hatred of their own kind. Stepping back a bit from the big picture, we see that this translates into the Times' hatred for Western Civilization, and adoration of all things non-Western. Hence their fascination with China - to speak only of that monstrosity of a historical mistake of a country. 

In an article published prominently on the Timesonline site today, "China's Rich Try To Fly Around Red Tape," the Times makes light of the way China's new filthy rich (they got that way by selling us garbage that disintegrates before your eyes) are buying up American-made aircraft and breaking the rules to be able to fly themselves around that giant festering landfill of a country. Where in a sane society the newspaper of record would tear China a new one, and guffaw at China's pathetic attempt to follow like an insecure child in the footsteps of Western greatness, the Times with high school cowardice laughs a nervous laugh at that abomination of a very bad copy of the West (how embarrassing for them), and makes light of their monumental patheticness. 

From the article: 

Only 1000 private aircraft in a nation five times the size of the US, which has a quarter million private aircraft? 

Okay, would you care to explain why this is so? (Sound of door slamming, then: muffled sound of car engine starting, tires screeching: the New York Times has just hightailed it out of here). 

Note the American Flag on the Side of This Robinson R-22
Note The Garbage...
To Think These People Are Producing The Shrimp In Your Freezer!

1 comment:

Mickey Rourke said...

Of course the Chinks use American-built choppers: they would never risk their lives in a shitty Chinese copy.

I really fucking hate the Chinese.Sorry Chinks! I have nightmares about them - they are so dirty, they might be smart at rote learning but they are just so fucking third world.

Truly a shitty little dirtball civilization that thrives only because of Western benevolence and competitive altruism.