Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Basking In Obama's Recent Popularity Surge, The New York Times Takes Aim Yet Again At Defenseless White Trash

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As we have seen, the wishful thinking four-eyed reality fugitives at Amerika's newspaper of record go to great lengths to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. This translates into wall-to-wall coverage of Turd World events big and small and, whenever possible, breathless coverage of white trash antics.

It would be foolish to expect the Times to ever report positively on any accomplishments by a member of the despised majority, unless said accomplishments were made at the expense of the beloved minority groups that the Times coddles with such loving care. It is of little import to the diversity enforcers at the NYT that the hard work behind their agenda has been paying off over the past few decades: in fact, for the population replacement traitors at the Times, 2042 can't come soon enough. (That would be majority-minority status for the hated locals, don't you know).

Yesterday the Times reported on their front page a story about a freak incident involving freak white-trash neo-nazis in California. The Times used this incident to frame the entire immigration debate in the US (and indeed, in the entire West). The take-home message was: "If you are opposed to immigration, then you are no better than this neo-nazi."

The Times is on a roll: today, again on the front page, the treasonous little fucknuts at the paper where all the news is print to fit published a story on silly hillbilly country folk who reenact their prom dance even though they're in their late 20s and thirties. The article, entitled "A 2nd Shot to Have the Best Night of Their Lives," paints rural America as a place populated by unsophisticated, bigoted hicks, who suck down jello shots out of syringes used in cow orifices. I shit yee not.

From the article:

Original caption reads: "Before the prom,
Beckie and Brent Sinkula enjoyed Jell-O shots
from syringes like those he uses for cows on his dairy farm." 

 Note the language cynically and subversively used by the NYT as they laugh at these poor unenlightened hicks: they "enjoyed" Jell-O shots. God! I wish I could reach through my computer screen and bitch slap the smirk off the face of the sinister condescending communist who wrote this puff piece. (Her name is Jennifer Medina).

The New York Times: playing for the other team since 1979.

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Anonymous said...

Spot-on how the snot-nosed little fuckers at the Jew York Times love making fun of silly white people.

The way they write: "...enjoying Jello-Shots" is so condescending.

GOD I hate those fuckers !