Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The New York Times Writes A Love Letter To The Criminal, Unemployable, Ineducable, Irredeemably Pitiful Minority Public Housing Welfare-Assisted Demographic That It Pretends To Care About Every Day

Sat 19 Mar. MMXVI
You know, these young ICBM ghetto thugs make it extremely difficult to feel any sympathy for them. And yet the vermin at the New York Times in a case of status-signaling that appears to border on parody, gives us a massive front-page feature today where they pretend like they really, really care about people like this :

"A Cloak Of Silence Falls After A Fatal Shooting On A Bronx Park's Edge,"by Times communists Benjamin Mueller (wink wink) and Al Baker.

The poor soul pictured above was born (in 1997!) to ghetto "parents" whose act of procreation happened with neither love nor foresight, in a sort of shrug-their-shoulders ghetto way. That's right, young  "Felony Fredo" was burfed because the nation's newspaper of record wants public policies that incentivize single motherhood and bastardization in the ghetto.

Poor Mr. Collazo was going to be a burden to society, his family, and himself were he not killed a month ago. He and his relatives are on the government expense account their entire lives long : free housing, free schooling, free eating, free incarceration at Rikers, free hospital, free burfing in hospitals, phone free everything free !

From the article :

"To understand why killings persist in an era of historically low crime, The New York Times is reporting this year on each murder in the 40th Precinct.
In neighborhoods like Mott Haven, a shadow system of street justice holds sway over many young black and Hispanic men, who describe addressing grievances through armed payback because they do not trust the police. Witnesses and crime victims often refuse to speak, creating a vacuum of judicial accountability in which people instead turn to guns and crews, loosely organized groups of young men usually delineated by geography."

"Because they do not trust the police."

Translation : "It's not their fault --> it's the cops' fault --> It's society's fauly --> it's whitey's fault."


With every single one of these increasingly ludicrous social justice articles published in the embarrassing, supplicating pages of the NYT, their real mission becomes more clear.

"We are better than you because we care about blacks and latinos, and we support a majority minority America."

Something like that.


SAVANT said...

Hi Artur,

Got your comment (since deleted). Glad that you might visit the Emerald Isle.....see it before it becomes a cross between Nigeria and Pakistan.

You'll find the road unrecognisable from that to the one you last travelled on. It's motorway now for most of the way (if not all the way) from Dublin. And there are very frequent car ferries between Rosslare and Cherbourg. http://www.ferry.ie/rosslare_cherbourg.html

The only real caution is that you're likely to send a lot more than if you went via England. Both ferry and car rental costs will be higher here.

Best of luck and if I can be of any further help let me know.


Henry Balke said...

Al Baker was a 'writer' at the Queens College newspaper I wrote for. He was a cocky mediocrity, totally prosaic in style and insight. That he as hired by the NYT reveals a lot about the abysmal skills of Black putative 'journalists' ....