Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Could Have Been : Fascinating CCCP-Era GEV (Ground Effect Vehicle) Research

Tue 12 Jan MMXV 
The Russkies are some impressive homebodies (when it comes to getting psycho with technology stolen, essentially, from Nazi Germany*) :

*In the docu below, you can even hear how the Russians stole / co-opted / appropriated the concept of anglo origins of "ground effect" by the was they pronounce the Russky-ized word.

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Electric Charlie Company said...

When alternative history writers present their ideas of what the world would be like had Germany won WWII few, if any, relate how profoundly different the world would actually have been. The German scientists were hugely ahead of the rest of the world, particularly in the area of technology, because they didn't buy in to the Einsteinian physics model. They brilliantly understood that it is not 'gravity' that is the primary force of nature, it is rather...electricity.

One can only imagine where we would be right now - not fettered to wars based on the control of fossil fuels, not fettered by oligarchs who control the world's energy supplies, as a matter of fact, clean, free energy would have revolutionized the entire concept of society. Human exploration of the cosmos would be eons ahead of where we are now...perhaps even our concepts of time and space would be different.

Of course, when the allies took hold of the German research they couldn't comprehend most of it because they were approaching it from the Einsteinian model of physics. Their attempts at back-engineering were/are humorous, if they weren't such a drain on monetary and natural resources...as well as the cost of human progress and the waste of brainpower. Not to mention the radical change in economies.

This, it seems, is what was really at stake in the second Great War: A backwards world ruled by the manipulative old moneyed creeps propped up by slavish academics, or a whole new world ruled by enlightened human progress where men and women are celebrated for their actual contributions to society and not for their financial status or their role in maintaining that order.

The same is still at stake.