Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Saturday, January 16, 2016

David Bowie's Half-Black Daughter : Why Is It Virtually Impossible To Get An Honest Answer On The Web About The Pop Singer's Affinity For Mixing It Up Genetically ?

16 Jan. MMXV
You know, David Bowie dead at 69 alright whatever.

I didn't really care before, but not diverting my eyes away from the mainstream sewer pipe of celebrity worship for more than a few minutes makes it practically impossible to ignore the fact that Bowie was not only a notorious race-dissenter (à la DeNiro, Warren Wilhelm Jr. Blasio, Roger Ebert, Clarence unkle Thomas et al), he also had at least one recent daughter who is halfrican and therefore looks absolutely nothing like him.

Why would a very photogenic white British narcissist type like Bowie want to compromise his genetic legacy with racially mixed children who look absolutely nothing like him?

Answer: an extremely perverted self-love superimposed over a pathological desire for political acceptance.

IOW : five-foot-seven DB wanted recognition not just for his pop star eccentrics, he also wanted to flaunt his "anti-establishment" Instawhore anti-racist bona fides by daring to defy centuries of European social mores.

Have you seen Bowie's half-black daughter?

She and ¡Jeb!' daughter Noelle Bush actually share an uncanny resemblance, and will no doubt seek revenge in the future for the hideous thing their white fathers did to them.
¡Jeb! : He Wants Your Grandkids to Be Brown, Too
Here is David Bowie's daughter :

She looks a lot like him, doesn't she?

Answer: the poor little girl looks (by absolutely no fault of her own) absolutely nothing like her famously handsome father ; she looks more like a Peruvian lama shepherd's kid, and never in a million years will she be assumed in polite company to be the heir of one of the most telegenic pop stars the world has ever seen.

Why would David Bowie perpetrate such a horrible injustice on a poor little innocent child, who let's face it is going to have a long life of sadness and confusion, failing as she will at every turn to healthfully identify with her white side, or her dark side.

David Bowie : what in heavens were you thinking man?

Answer: status-whore morality feels and full-throttle activation of the white guilt glands.

Roger Ebert and his wife :

What is UP with these a-holes that they can't score a decent white woman who looks like this :


Anonymous said...

"She and ¡Jeb!' daughter Noelle Bush actually share an uncanny resemblance"

They all look alike to me.

Nay said...

What a racist moron.Lol at she will live a sad life...Er no I think you will you evil insecure racist she will be loved and accepted whilst you will type aggressively behind a computer trying to save ppl who don't need or want to be saved.You take the human race backwards.

Low Profile said...

What in the world are you talking about?????? If you go online and look at his daughter Alexandrias pictures she looks identically like David Bowie. Anyone with a bit of common sense can tell that she is sired by David Bowie. I am a black woman who is sick and tired of left wing Liberal kooks like yourself who make everything about a race. You don't even know David Bowie and you are just making evil statements about him. David "Bowie" Jones was known to be a shy, quiet, kind hearted and humble man....He was the type who walked away from celebrity and lived a normal life with his family in the Soho section of NYC. David Bowie and Iman loved each other and Alexandria represents the love that they share as one flesh. He never tried to draw attention to himself, even in death he didn't want a Spectacle being made about himself...That's why he decided to have a direct cremation and no funeral service because he said that " he didn't want all that fuss" made about him and he wanted people to remember him for his music and the good times. I truly admired him for his quiet dignity for himself and his family in his last days. Please remember that Jehvah God made all of us and he looks at the heart not color of ones skin....I am a black women but I am a child of God first.

The Big Green said...

wtf are you on??? David was married twice and and has 2 children a daughter and a son. 1 biracial daughter and 1 white son. secondly wtf do you know about his love and affection for Iman. FYI they've been married for 20 plus years. The fact the you went out of your sad pathetic way to try and trash him makes you look desperate for attention. GOD puts certain people in your life for a reason , so it's obvious he put Iman in his life for a reason. she was the love of his life. sounds to me that you're nothing more but jealous of their love because you haven't found true love like they have. my advice to you would be go out and meet someone and stop talk mess about others. you may not approve of interracial relationships and that's your problem and your problem only. others are fine with it. you need GOD in your life lady. for the next time you wanna preach about something that's over your head

The Big Green said...

thank you!!!

KellyK said...

While I agree with 99% of everything you've said, I wholeheartedly disagree that "left wing liberals" are the ones making everything about race. And by the way, he isn't just making statements and/or observations about race, he's making racists statements. I think you'll find it's the liberals who don't care who you love, marry, or choose to have babies with. We're not the ones interested in racial cleansing.

dawn owens said...

Why the hell do you care?! He obviously loved hos wife and daughter. Leave them alone and get a life.

Bobo said...

Or maybe he just fell and love and wanted to make a child, as procreation goes 60% of the time, you weird little fuck