Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Syrian Fake Refugee Muslim Invaders Say The Darndest Things, And The Reality-Reversing Vermin At The NYT Are Too Sanctimonious To See The Irony Of What's Being Stated

Tue. 8 Sep MMXV
The repellent reality contortionists at the New York Times are
breathless with excitement about what's happening in Europe right now : the Jean Raspail-like invasion of Greece and Italy is proceeding apace, enabled and accelerated by the kind of positive political momentum and public opinion that only a newspaper as powerful as the Times can influence.

As more and more people are waking up to these end-game Kalergi Coudenhove machinations of European demographics (more diversity there = fewer white people everywhere), the hateful propagandist scum at the New York Times are hunkering down and sprinting towards the finish line.

The tiniest squeals of resistance to Europe's transformation into majority-minority status are relentlessly squashed by the Times, who use the cowardly and simplistic "right wing" or "racist" label to silence any and all opposition to this horrifying chain of events.

Make no mistake : the New York Times and the 'great minds' behind her editorial narrative are making this possible.

Just consider the above-the-fold front-page photo from today's national print edition :

That's right : a blond-haired German woman in Munich straddling an illegal immigrant african child, zipping the innocent invader into some brand-new clothes donated by other competitive-compassion Germans, those same descendants of evil Nazis  who have been rightly dogged into abandoning the mere concept of their genetic survival, by the Agenda 21 anti-white globalist scum at the New York Times and other hate-crime hating publications.

What the vermin at the NYT fail to mention, of course, is that life for this young African in his homeland didn't even come close to the kinds of conditions that legally allow for official refugee status.

Lie Number One.

Lie Number Two, of course, is that this young african economic migrant / asylum cheat - who is not fleeing war at all but rather the detestable type of society those who share his DNA tend to create - this young african migrant when allowed to legally settle in Germany, is going to be the bridge-head that allows one hundred or more of his kin over his lifetime (artificially extended BTW by Western hygiene and medicine)  to chain-migration their way into Deustchland, effectively over time Population-Replacing the very people he will never be able to truly emulate.

If you don't think this whole massive non-white migrant invasion of Europe is not something sinister that is very specifically orchestrated to make whites a minority in their own homelands even sooner than projected, then you are either an uninformed idiot, or you are part of the cabal behind this slow, sad, tragic Genocide.

The New York Times: A Sickening Publication, Since 1898...

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Anonymous said...

Photos like this are the only time that the New York Slimes will put the photo of a White person in their tabloid.