Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, September 17, 2015

¡Jeb!'s Wife No Speakee Dee Englee ? Nonsense : Here She Is Speaking In Flawless English With Wit, Energy And Intelligence

That's right, the Bush family maid put down her Rubbermaid bucket of cleaning supplies long enough to give a highly entertaining off-the-cuff statement on drug abuse among young women at a C-Span event in 2003.

The fun starts at the 22nd minute :


(Sorry can not embed).

Columba Bush : Are you fucking kidding me ? !

A man with multiple presidents in his family, and this is the best he can do for a wife? !!

There is something so deeply perplexing about the ¡Jeb!, about how every fiber of the American political system precluded that he would be the inevitable Republican nominee, that it can only be that something sinister, and even more evil than we had imagined, is afoot.

"Ladies and Gentlemen : Please welcome First Lady Columba Bush !"

That such a thing ever had an iota of plausibility is evidence enough of the pyschotic structure of modern liberal secular society, where the absurd may never be named if a protected-class minority might be offended.
¡Jeb! And His Mexican Rock Troll Mamacita
"Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" 
The low-five with Bush and the tippy-toes at group photo time will hopefully be enough to finally and permanently flush this disgusting cuckservative anti-white father of mexicans p.o.s. down the toilet once and for all.

Just incredible to even contemplate the chutzpah this repulsive individual must have had to think that he could cruise to the White House. It is a total indictment of the prevailing ethos of our day : one that is predicated upon a worldview that is fundamentally ethnomasochistic, anti-white, pro-decadence, and anti-rationalist.

For a proper analysis of the ¡Jeb! situation, go to a place where the writing is about a million times better than here :

"¡Jabe! Bush : Insecure, Try-Hard Betaboy", from the One and Only Chåteau Heartiste.

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