Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Regret Rape Holocaust : The Vermin At The New York Times Step It Up A Notch By Taking Sides WIth The Indefensible Accusations Of A Slutty Social-Climbing Blond Stanford Undergrad

Sun. 15 Feb MMXV
Don't get us wrong: we here at COTT have very little sympathy for the half-Hebrew future billionaire at the heart of this imaginary scandal.

But, what is truly outrageous is that the vermin at the New York Times would take the side of the dumb blond screaming "rape!", when just a few minutes of highschool-level research would reveal that this is yet another false rape story, à la Duke Lacrosse, à la Tawana Brawnley, à la Leah Francis.... and the list goes on.

But but but: this is a front page NYT Magazine article, a cover feature smack dab in the middle of the most valuable publishing real-estate on the planet.

Front page.

"The Stanford Undergraduate and the Mentor", by American Femen Commie Emily Bazelon (email her here).

From the article (warning: gross-out alert) :
"In emails Clougherty wrote at the time, she told Lonsdale that she found him attractive. “Kiss kiss kiss, you are super handsome,” she wrote in June, and later, “You are a sexy man” and “It was so nice sleeping with you.” But around the same time, she also told Rachel that she never wanted to have sex with Lonsdale, beginning in Rome. “She said, ‘I don’t want to be having sex, but he’s not listening to me,’ ” Rachel said.
Rachel said she thought Lonsdale was manipulating Clougherty into spending the night at his house. “I could see on her face that she didn’t want to go, and then he’d start his trick. ‘You don’t want to spend time with me?’ ” Rachel talked about her concerns with Anne. Together they counseled Clougherty to explain to Lonsdale that she did not want to be spending nights with him. She said she did, but the nights together continued.
“They had sex again, and she was upset about it, clearly,” Rachel said. “I reacted strongly. I said, ‘This is your decision.’ Her mom was there too. Then I realized Ellie felt a little upset. She felt we were judging her.”
The New York Times is a sick and decadent publication, hell-bent on the destruction of the very demographic that created Modern Civilization.  This latest breach of journalistic integrity, however, could be a tipping point, because even a tepid attempt at scratching the surface of this silly affair will reveal that the man-hating pyschos at the Times are lying through their teeth.

Joe Lonsdale and Emmie Clougherty: At Her Mother Anne's Urging, She Screamed "Rape!" When He Broke It Off                            

Why would they do that?

Answer: status-whoring feels. ("We protect women and the oppressed, so we're better than you").

The verminous reality-reversers are so obviously wrong on this one, that I sense there could well be a backlash against them. And that is good, long-overdue news.

Check out half-Hebrew Joe's counter-attack, filed in Federal court a few days ago :
Joe Lonsdale Personal Statement
From Joe's statement :
"As she continued to behave more erratically toward the end of the year,  my unease about the relationship began to grow, and I lost confidence that we could work through our fundamental problems. Just before the end of December at a vacation at their family house, it became obvious to me that it needed to end. After that trip, I broke it off, and yet, over the course of the next two months, both she and her mother persuaded me through emails to try to preserve the relationship.  Her mother emailed me a two-page letter imploring me to get back together with her daughter.  She also mentioned that I should continue to help her daughter find a job and buy her more thoughtful gifts."
 That's right: Mommy Dearest (Emmie's mother Anne) was viciously interfering in her daughter's gold-digging agenda, trying to squeeze the maximum financial and career benefit returns out of her blond but not-really-that-foxy daughter's relationship with the gaudy Silicon Valley entrepreneur.


It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.


Anonymous said...

I knew there was something wrong with that creature when I first saw HIS picture:

his mother is Jewish (which makes him a Jew) ; it shows and wholly fuck it totally, utterly makes sense.

The poor blond girl sent him hundreds of pages describing her devotion to her Catholic heritage. Which is noble enough I suppose.

Everuyone is at fault here - EVERYONE !

Anonymous said...

I agree that everyone is at fault but extra fault helpings go to Anne, "Mother IS a Dragon". Also Stanford is somewhat to blame for letting in someone with Zero critical thinking skills.I guess now Miss Clougherty will be suing the NYT for journalistic rape.