Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This Is Hilarious: As A Resurgent Germany Begins To Rekindle National Pride In The Deutsche Folk National Colors, The NYT - Mouthpiece Of The International Jewish Power Juggernaut - Says : "Not So Fast"

Wednesday 9 July 2014
So Germany just (k)rauted Brazil 7 to, with the final goal on the Brazilian side being probably the result of some kind of weird kind of white guilt on the part of the Germans, who were starting to feel bad about destroying vibrant Brazil by the 29th minute.

Even the New York Times reporter in Germany reported that the Germans in pubs watching the game were visibly uncomfortable after about the third goal.

Does anyone really think that if the tables were turned, that a victorious Brazil would not be gloating all the way into the next millenium, if they had managed to rout the krauts 7 to 1?

Irregardless, here is by far the most hilarious newspeak coverage of all, regarding Germany's biblical victory over Brazil :

"Game That Shocked The World Leads Jo Joyous Disbelief In Germany"

(The best part) From The Article :
"The mood among the guests was jubilant, but even in this moment of triumph, the German patrons were muttering. “We don’t want to overdo it,” one woman said, before declining to repeat her remark on the record.
"A palpable gloom fell over the pub during halftime when the German broadcast did not turn to its commentators in Brazil, but rather to a news bulletin to report about the resurgence of hostilities between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza."
Clearly what the vermin at the NYT are reporting here, is that in the midst of this feel-good moment for Germany, international Jewish media power stepped in to remind every single person in Germany Must Perish, that they cannot engage for even a few hours in any kind of spasm of national pride, or forget for even a brief moment the travails of the Zionist State that their evil terrible history played such a crucial role in creating.

Wow. If that's not like Jewish power stepping in to squash German nationalist sentiment in its infancy, I don't know what is !

Hilarious ! 

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