Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This State Farm Commercial That Airs Over And Over

Notice the way the attractive blond is being paired up with the wise and compassionate black dude neighbor, while the white "date" is portrayed as stupid, ugly and dishonest :

Here's an idea: call State Farm right now to tell them what you think:

Here's their number : (888) 699 4048

Chances are, that after pressing 1 for English, you will need to express you woes to a totally clueless south east Asian, or some really dumb diversity hire in West Virginia.

You might though be surprised - as I just was - when you call the 888 line and tell them simply and politely: "Hello, I'm just calling to say that we are really sick and tired of the anti-white tone in corporate advertising in general, and the most recent State Farm ad in particular, where the foxy blond girl tells the wise negro who is calculating his accident configuration on his smart phone: "Where did you hear that?"

"The internet" she replies. Before saying: "Oh, there's my date. I met him on the internet."

The date in question of course turns out to look like a humpback of Notre Dame.

He takes the foxy blond chick by the arm, she gives kind, wise and all-knowing black dude a look that all but says: "I will be back to bear your children shortly."

To the establishment; To All State: We say : Fuck You !

Enough of this crude, hateful, anti-white advertising.

You idiots have been exposed. By a machine. That is called the Internet.


Anonymous said...

Per your advice I called the 888 State Farm number - sounded like a prole form Sc or thereabouts, a nice white woman totally brainwashed as to what is really going on - I told her very politely to please take a message for her corporate uppers: "We are sick and tired of the anti-white bias in modern American corporate advertising".

Shocking, to her tiny little brainwashed brain, no doubt.

I feel better having done it though. Do your part and Just Do It !!

Anonymous said...

This blog is fucked. Fuck you, you intolerant, long haired, Jewish Communist homosexual. Rest in shit, motherfucker!

Anonymous said...

Television is one long jew anti-White male commercial with a little programing in between five minutes commercials. In a one hour program you get only about 37 minutes of programing. In a thirty minutes program you get only about 18 minutes of program all the rest is commercials.
It's the duty of every White person to not watch these brain washing episodes.
When I watch TV I first flip to my weather scan channel or one of the premium movie channels (no commercials) then I flip to the program I want to watch. About every five to nine minutes a commercial airs, I hit my back button on the remote control to the weather scan or movie channel and stay there for about 4 minutes then hit the back button and I'm back watching the program. Works great, no commercials. The more you do it the better you get at it. Would you rather watch a few minutes of a movie or a few minutes of weather than watch a stupid commercial? You can get this technique down to a science. The alternative is to not watch TV or record and zip through the commercials. I tell people who might be watching with me what I am doing. LOL

Anonymous said...

This blog is fucked. Fuck you, you intolerant, long haired, Communist Jewish homosexual. Rest in shit, motherfucker!


Just use CJ Wilson as a nemonic

Anonymous said...

Quit picking on folk from West Virginia please. The people there are freindly and polite. They don't deserve your snide ridicule. Save that for the tribe running Madison Ave and Wall street.

rjp said...

I was born and raised there -- there is no diversity in West Virginia to hire ....

Anonymous said...

Where ia the Jewish, communist, or homosexual content in this commercial? Even the anti white claim is pretty questionable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Anti-white? No, I didn't see that, either. It is just a silly commercial. There was no racial epithets like "cracker" or "honky" or anything like that.

Anonymous said...

This is the most paranoid idiotic think I have ever read

Anonymous said...

Eat a dick you racist fuck