Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Friday, November 16, 2012

Something Rotten In Denmark: Another Social Experiment Goes Wrong

The social democratic party of Denmark funded a program that housed danish students in the heart of the immigrant "ghetto" of Copenhagen know as Mjolenparken.

There little experiment has gone predictably wrong.

English transcript below video.

The Danish government offered 135 euros per month to students to live in the immigrant ghetto neighborhood of Mjolnerparken. 

But apparently, that was not enough: the authorities then offered young danish students very cheap apartments there. 

A report by Stephen Eriksen that reveals how this intriguing experience can turn into a nightmare because of the harsh environment. 

[GIRL TALKING] : They smashed through the window here while I was right under it. 

[REPORTER] : Anna Kogsgaard has been living  in the immigrant ghetto neighborhood of Mjolnerparken in the suburbs of Copenhagen for three months. 

Unnamned individuals broke into Anna's apartment twice: the first time the young student was sleeping under the window; the second time she was not home. 

The burglars stole two cameras and a laptop computer. But Anna's troubles did not end there...

[ANNA KOGSGAARD] Yesterday I went out to get supplies. When I came back, my bike was gone, no doubt stolen by the same individuals. 

[REPORTER] ; Lars Rasmussen of the social democratic party thinks that danish students should be made to live in the ghetto, even if he understands Anna's concerns.   

[RASMUSSEN ON PHONE] : All students must be made to take advantage of the low cost of living in the immigrant ghetto. They need to live in a troubled but cheap part of town instead of paying top rate in the center of town. 

[REPORTER] : But that's not what Anna thinks:  And she's not the only one getting out of the immigrant ghetto. 

[ANNA KOGSGAARD] (Editor" What's wrong with that poor girl's teeth?) "I can't live here any more. I'm going to move."

[REPORTER] : Alex and Marlene moved out of Mjolenparken a month ago. 

[ALEX AND MARLENE] : It was not safe when I got home at night. The light posts wouldn't work and there'd be gangs of immigrant youth prowling everywhere. It was impossible to stay; we left. 

[REPORTER] : The  couple fled after being victimized several times: gangs of youth threw eggs at them. 

[ALEX AND MARLENE] : We had problems with young immigrants who were lost and aggressive towards others. 

[REPORTER] : Lars Rasmussen of the social democratic party understands these concerns, but continues to call for more public funds and greater police service. 

[RASMUSSEN ON PHONE] If we want things to improve we need to mix up different populations and that's going to take an effort. That way there will be fewer delinquent families in the ghetto. 

[REPORTER] Those "efforts" will have to be made without Alex and Marlene. 

[ALEX AND MARLENE] : Even if the rents are super cheap, there's no way we'd come back. It's not so hard to move in, but it's very difficult to stay. 


Anonymous said...

Its truly amazing how these politicians bring in this GARBAG and then expect the rest of us to " MIX UP " ,while they live in there fortress...

Landsknecht said...

Still, this could help result in the classic "Law of unintended consequences". Most students tend to be naive brainwashed liberals, so a nice hard dose of a government sponsored reality check may very well help them wake up! Especially when they get out of there and have their (non-mixing) leaders lecture them about how we need more of this kind of insanity!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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