Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Meanwhile: He Aint Did Nuffins

Watch the video. Observe the murderer of the white woman. This is the same type of individual who has "aged out" of violent crime - aka Knockout Game-style gratuitous violence - only to revert to mean in domestic violence unplanned impulse-control type situations.

The man in the video above - and you have to watch it to believe it - is the same type of man that the New York Times are constantly writing about, not to condemn them for their latent, marrow-deep criminal tendencies, but rather to invent every excuse hither and yon to justify / explain away their rather predictable, anti-civilization behavior. When the disgusting little weasels at the New York Times are not all a-flutter over violence at Rikers Island (gee ), or some aging scumbag Innocence Project POS recently exonerated by DNA even though he probably did it anyway  (and if he didn't he would have if he hadn't been locked up) they love to attempt - sickeningly so - to turn criminals into victims. Especially if said victims criminals are of the African American persuasion. 

Case in point number ninety-nine trillion : the horrible, evil little worms at the New York Times attempt to gain legitimacy by discussing the Knockout Game - something they obviously would not touch with a ten foot pole if they didn't have to.

Sunday 10 August MMXIV

Note the way the spineless little "Crime Watch" (heh) reporter Michael Wilson (email him!), not only does he present the obviously black criminal knockout game suspect as race-less, the swine of the times Wilson also misleads the reader into believing that this black criminal, "seated on his father's couch" (wtf?), is somehow just a normal kid from a normal nuclear family in the Bronx, with mom and dad and a living room coffee table covered in fambly magazines.

"Speaking Openly, But Giving Conflicting Accounts Of 'Knockout Game' Assaults"

From the article :

"What does a man accused of playing the Knockout Game say on the subject? Mr. Baldwin is free on bail while his case moves forward, with a hearing scheduled for September. He lives with his father in a tidy house, with plastic covers on the sofas and copies of Wellness magazine on the living-room coffee table. Mr. Baldwin called this reporter in recent weeks, seeking to talk about his case.
"It seems that Mr. Baldwin has never had a problem talking about the case, but what he says has tended to change. In December, he was arrested and held at the 69th Precinct station house in Brooklyn, where he was questioned by detectives about several attacks. He answered freely, the police said, both orally and in writing. His handwritten statements are in his court file.
"He was asked about an assault in early November, when a man approached a 78-year-old woman in Midwood shortly before 3 p.m. and struck her in the head. Mr. Baldwin wrote, “I was walking Avenue L and East Fifth Street where I hit a lady on the head in self-defense but it was not terrorism.”
"The detectives continued, asking about a Dec. 7 attack on a woman. “I hit her in self-defense,” he said again, beginning a confusing account. “There was no terrorism intent involved because I had left her because it felt unsafe with my dad.”
Mr. Baldwin told the detectives that on Dec. 21, he hit a woman who “had a miniature person with her.” That would have been the woman’s 7-year-old daughter, according to the charges against Mr. Baldwin."
This is the type of disgusting, dishonest, wishful-thinking color-blind reporting that in a sane society would earn the New York Times their very own Nuremburg trials for crimes against Humanity.

It's coming, Sulzy. It is coming.

Note bene: this same Michael Wilson, NYT "Crime Scene" reporter, is the self-same p.o.s. that reported on the robbery of a midtown Bengali-owned cellphone shop last week, who totally and utterly failed to mention what the perps looked like: 

"They Went Thataway: A Good (If Fruitless) Clue For A Chase On Fifth Avenue"

Every other paper in NYC reported what the Bengalis' armed robbers looked like. The New York Times did not have the balls to touch that rather obvious little detail with a ten foot pole.

And in a column entitled "Crime Scene" no less ! 


Anonymous said...

Dey dinnt do nuffings in Ferguson, Mo either.

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Blacks are worthless

Anonymous said...

Blacks about 90% of them are a worthlatess drain on society. They do not pay into or put hard work into a society that works best when everyone pulls there own weight which is why this race... this one race of people are just parasites. You can not say that about any other race of people.