Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's Newspaper of Record

Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America's
Newspaper of Record

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bad News For Traditional Sanity In New York : Warren Wilhelm Jr. (aka Bill "de Blasio") Gets Elected Mayor Of New York By That City's Welfare Leeches , And The New York Times Cheers

What can I say? This is bad news for non-minorities in New York City everywhere :

Bill de Blasio, that preening, status-whoring, anti-fascist crusading, competitive-compassion athlete we barely knew existed forty days ago (at a time when ironically he admitted his own ignorance [NYPOst: "He Drew A Blanksy"] of that ultimate SWPL-approved street artist, Banksy, who was busy back then titillating the editorial staffs of the New York Times and the NYPost alike)... Billy de Blasio has been elected mayor of New York City.


This is a man - can we really call it a man? - this is a creature that hates, I mean really despises, his own kind, and so much so, that he not only changed his legal name from "Warren Wilhelm, Jr." to "Billy de Blasio" - in a gesture of self-hatred designed to distance himself from his high-accomplishment Teutonic father, and side instead with the maternal, female, Mediterranean side of the family... - this is a creature that loathes its European heritage so much, that it not only legally changed its family name, it also married a dark-skinned African American woman five years its senior.

Wilhelm Senior (before the son's betrayal)
As if that weren't the ultimate "F-You, Dad!", Wilhelm went one step further to truly smear the shit in the face of his heritage, by breeding the hybrid offspring freak show with the big-afro© that the New York Times has been editorializing about in glowing terms ever since they became aware of it, about 45 days ago :

Like Father Like... Wuh the F??! 
Imagine the hatred and bitterness you would have to have in your heart to do such a thing to your own father, knowing that there is no greater way to hurt a man than for his own progeniture to betray him.

De Blasio's father was a celebrated WW2 warrior and, after the war, a successful business man. All things, in the snakey-eyes of the vermin at the New York Times, to be suspicious about. 

"De Blasio" before he became evil, in green cardigan

 The New York Times traces "de Blasio's" journey toward self-hatred and siding with the enemy ion this puff piece from last month : "From His Father's Decline, de Blasio Learned "What Not To Do"

From that article :
"Bill physically resembled his father — he grew to be the same height, and both had broad foreheads — but he identified increasingly with his mother, her sisters and their Italian heritage, rather than his father’s German roots. In high school, classmates called him Senator Provolone, reflecting his twin penchants for politics and Italian sandwiches. When he graduated from high school, he asked that his mother’s last name be added to his diploma. He wanted to be known as Bill de Blasio-Wilhelm. " 

This is a cautionary tale of what happens when a beta-fied dweeb succombs to the ultimate evil: namely: being influenced by evil outsiders to hate his own kind to the point of endorsing and even fighting for - Stockholm-syndrome style -  the elimination of his peers.

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